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Afterwards, he moved to Japan where he pursued a degree in completely different discipline that is art and design.
Early in his professional career, Maeda produced groundbreaking work that altogether altered the fundamental landscape of design. Born in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, Podhajsky grew up to be a versatile graphic designer of his time. Podhajsky was requested to work with the Australian rock band inspired by psychedelic Tame Impala. Another interesting fact about Podhajsky’s inclination toward working for music artists and record label is that he personally finds music inspiring. What sets Podhajsky apart from other artists is his love for abstract concepts that revolve around human emotions and psyche.
He attended the University of Tsukuba Institute and earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Design Science. His work redefined the use of electronic media as an instrument of expression by juxtaposing artistic techniques with advanced computer programmes. His artwork seems to depict abstract nature as it highlights melting cosmic landscapes, engulfing waves and mirrored vistas. He produced cover art for their album Innerspeaker, and upon its success Podhajsky also worked on the follow-up album cover, Lonerism.
The inspirational affect on him is not only when he is designing covers for different projects “but across everything” he does. He picks an emotion from the project he is working on and transforms it into an image that simply states the state of human heart and mind.
According to him, the learning experience enabled him to rediscover three things; mind, paper and pen.
It would not be wrong to hold him responsible for laying the groundwork for the interactive motion graphics without which today’s virtual world would seem lifeless.

Maeda strongly believes in the potential of art and design as he predicts that it will transform the 21st century economy like science and technology did in the last century. Some of his clients included Atlantic Records, The Vines, Virgin Records, Granta Books and Young Magic. Besides creating abstract art, he lent his expertise to designing the cover art for music albums, working with a number of music artists. According to him, that music helps him shift gears of his brain from over-analytical and logical zone to a more harmonious and calm area.
Besides, his cover art underlines the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered experience.
He deliberately explores the concepts that are supposed to be ubiquitous because he believes that the modern world has disconnected human beings from what is universal and natural to all of them.
In his work he explored design, technology and leadership and pinpointed the area where they all come together. In the mid-1990s, he returned to MIT to establish the Aesthetics and Computation Group (ACG). In addition to being an exceptional designer, artist and educator, he also contributed to art through his writing.
John Maeda is now a Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers after staying the President of the Rhode Island School of Design for five years. In fact, he worked with several popular record labels and designed inspiring artwork, t-shirts, tour posters and official record merchandise for them.
Podhajsky has a personal philosophy which he follows whenever he is requested to design artwork for music albums. Moreover, he employed various techniques to bring out these themes, for instance, symmetry, recursion, repetition and balance. Leif Podhajsky maintains that what all Homo sapiens are covertly looking for is a means to “true happiness and contentment” in life and that is what his artwork also illustrates.

The research studio was dedicated to unite an array of interests, including engineering, art, computation, thinking and craft. The globally recognized record labels included Sony Music, Modular Records, Sub Pop Records and Warp Records.
According to this philosophy, he works with the music artists, whose work he respects and admires personally.
While sharing his fascination for album art he declares that the cover art substantially enhances the experience of the listeners. The use of such thematic pattern and techniques is his attempt to encourage the audience to realign with “themselves and their surroundings”. Maeda enrolled himself at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied electrical engineering and computer science.
ACG was founded with the intention of investigating these areas in his own work and also to make advancement in the field so much so that it helps him build it as an independent field. He prefers to spend some time listening to the album first and then work out the story and ideal cover concept for it.
It was during that period that he found himself enthralled by the work of Muriel Cooper and Paul Rand.
Podhajsky pushes his creativity to its limits when he innovatively creates one image that would encompass the whole album’s story and emotion. Maeda’s first video, titled “Elements of Reactive Form”, discussed the power and effectiveness of form that he previously addressed in his essay ‘Reactive Graphics’ published in MdN Magazine. The book discusses the necessity of simplicity and offers ten laws for balancing simplicity and complexity in business, technology and design.

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