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How is it that The Wizard of Oz, a movie made seventy years ago, can still have the kind of everyday impact it does?
Another example is a scene in Field of Dreams (1989); one of the baseball players is passing into the infamous cornfield when he stops suddenly, turns and cries out, "Im melting!
One of these great quotes was actually the inspiration for a movie title, The Usual Suspects (1995) starring Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chaz Palminteri and Benicio Del Toro. Over the years one of the well-known lines from Casablanca has become distorted and had the word 'again' added to it.

Why not follow the example of the Pick-Up Lines from famous characters from history, from Beethoven to Einstein, through Marx, Gandhi, Edison or Nostradamus? There is an ongoing discussion about 'going to the mattresses' and how all the men Meg Ryan's character asks recognize it from The Godfather while she remains oblivious, creating the sense that she is out of touch. It plays regularly on television, particularly at Christmas and there are so many common references made to it everyday. Arguably the most quotable movie out there, it is interesting to watch it today and hear the lines emerge from the script.

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