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Winnie The Pooh picture quotes - Promise me you'll never forget me because if i thought you would i'd.. Emotional Famous Quotes about Friendship – There are many famous quotes about friendship we can found everywhere all around us.
It is quite true for a friend is the one where we are with, we have no shy to show who we really are. Moreover, a true friend is the one when we are with, we are not afraid to tell our deepest dreams.

A true friend is one who will always be at my back, support all of our decision and a true friend will remain there when we get down. As the admirable poet William Shakespeare words which become the famous quotes about friendship all over the time.
A true friend is the one when we are with, we are not afraid to do anything which shows our self-personality. Because, a friend will always be with us no matter what happen and how hard the condition we have to face.

We are not afraid to become what the person we want to be and we are not afraid to express ourselves whether sometimes it may uncontrollable. A true friend will provide his or her shoulder for us to cry and slowly tells us that everything is going to be okay.

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