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Please include a link or attachments so we can see some of the tattoos you’ve done, fine art, a photo of yourself along with where you live and all that good stuff! Meet Dani our first featured artist who currently tattoos out of  Ink Spot Tattoo in Orange County, Ca. Tattoos are often dismissed as the product of poor decision making skills or bad taste, but their relationship with the feminist movement is quite important.

The Metal Mulisha Maidens are looking for a talented female tattoo artist to do a t-shirt collaboration with us! She is the first person to legally open a tattoo shop in Beaufort (home of Parris Island, where they make boys into Marines!) and she is a woman owner! As woman vied for the right to vote, choose and earn equal pay throughout the 20th century, tattoos presented themselves as a visible symbol of growing self-determination and empowerment.

As permanent inking suggests, their right to do with their bodies what they pleased was something that simply could not be taken from them.

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