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To prep yourself for the investigation, let's do some warm up first with the following steps.
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You go to a search engine and type in some key words that best correlate with what you’re looking for, and you hit enter.
And all of these calculations take … are you ready for this … about a half second!
SEO experts work to make sure that every bit of information you’re looking for will be retrieved by search engines in order to bring you the most comprehensive data you need.

So, the next time you type your key words into a search engine to research any topic on the web, think about the billions of data that go into that one half second it takes for you to get your results back.
In order to obtain a nice and effectiveness result, put the floppy in the disk drive after folding it several times in different directions. About a half second later, pages and pages of data materialize like magic, right there in front of your eyes. They’re actually asking more than 200 questions of all the websites they encounter in order to optimize your search and bring you the most relevant data.
By the way, if you’re wondering how much information is being disseminated, this will give you an idea. Without SEO, your research might not produce the thorough and far-reaching results you require in your searches. And think about all the SEO experts who are optimizing information in order to bring more clarity and comprehensive information to all of your searches. I am immensely grateful to the inventor.The following activity allows you to experience divergent eye teaming.

By 1998, Google’s index already had 26 million pages, and it reached one billion pages by the year 2000!
Imagine your search engine’s many spiders reaching out to all the thousands of computers out there, locating billions of pages and links, sifting through it all to maximize your time and bring all the data you need right to your fingertips … like magic! How can your disk get damaged if you can't even get it out of the drive?SMOKEUse cigarettes or anything that could be burnt.
Most people go to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, type in a topic or a few key words, and hit enter. And, though the answer to the question is no, you didn’t search the whole internet, you did search a pretty sizable portion of it.
From there, they retrieve the pages those links point to, and Google’s spiders follow those links to more pages and more links, and then they follow them to more pages and links, and so on, until Google has indexed literally billions of pages that are stored on thousands of computers.

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