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I had this idea that when I got better I would get a sun tattoo with the words 'Shine like the Sun' written under it.
It's a kind of personal meaning that I hope didn't offend anyone, this is just how I see my M.E.
I got my tattoo done on my forearm because that is supposed to be an area where tattoos are less painful (and because it's somewhere I'll be able to see it easily ^^) & I did not find the experience at all tiring.

I was ill but still at a point where I believed that my total recovery was inevitable (which I no longer believe).
Over time I realised that I was only getting worse (and also that I don't like sun tattoos) but I still had this idea in my head of this tattoo I would have gotten had I recovered. I got my tattoo done at Red Tattoo & Piercing in Leeds which I had researched in depth before I reached out to the artist Lucy O'Connell.
The headache I got from being in a brightly light room where loud music was playing & then having to go through town (however briefly) on a Saturday afternoon was significantly more painful in fact. Dolly Parton came out with the Better Day album & on it there was the song 'Shine like the Sun'.

I am letting go of waiting till I've 'recovered', I am letting go of waiting, I am living right now & I am going to shine like a sun regardless of being ill. Something about the song really spoke to me & it was my motivational mantra at a point when I was really struggling. Lets just say that I had a positive experience & if it wasn't for my foster brother going through a total melt down the period after my tattoo would have been no different, health wise, than any other period of time.

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