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Pisces or The Fish is the twelfth sign of the zodiac wheel and the last of the three water signs.
The Pisces tattoos presented here are quite diverse in their styles and are sure to please various tastes and preferences. When it comes to attractive body arts, fish tattoos often rank supreme due to their overall beauty and meaningfulness. It is classically represented by two fishes swimming in the opposite directions but is held together at mouth by a string. Apart from being very bright and colorful, fish tattoos also come in diverse styles and patterns.

Although the Koi fish tattoo is a very popular choice among tattoo aficionados, there are plenty of other fish tattoo designs that are quite great to look at. Shark tattoos are quite trendy among people who love to project an image of strength and invulnerability. They are also quite imaginative and highly intuitive, possess an artistic temperament and be inventive in whichever path they choose. The clown fish tattoo is a frequently-chosen tattoo design that is known for its beautiful colors and realistic look.
Piscean tattoos usually comprise the sign comprising the two fishes, the glyph and the constellation of Pisces.

Other popular fish tattoos include the Siamese fighting fish or the betta fish, the angel fish, the salmon or trout fish, the swordfish, and the piranha tattoo designs. The tattoos can be filled with rich colorful shades or one can opt for tattoo designs with minimal use of colors.

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