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Welcome to Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Floristry Courses. Turn your love of flowers into an exciting career or rewarding hobby.  Our floristry school offers floristry diploma courses where you will learn how to create beautiful floral designs and flower arrangements the professional way.
Please enter our Website by clicking onto the different headings on the left for information on our floristry courses, to view photos of floral arrangements and to read testimonials from our students. In our floral school and floristry classes you will learn how to create many different flower arranging styles including traditional and modern floral designs, European floral arrangements, basket designs, corsages, gift boxes of flowers, hand tied posies, tributes, bridal bouquets, wedding flowers and floral designs for special occasions and events.
Many of our students enrol in our flower arranging courses to learn to be a florist and floral designer in the floristry industry or to work from home. Whatever the reason, I am sure you will be delighted with what our school of floristry training courses can offer you. We are an Australian and International Floral Design School that was established in 1972, and during that time, we have taught many thousands of students from all over the world. In the commercial floristry course you will learn how to care for flowers so they last the longest possible time and the basic rules of flower arranging. For full details on the floristry courses, please click onto the course links at the bottom of this page. After viewing our website, if you have any further questions about our floristry courses, please contact us. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as a student to our floristry school. Disclaimer: The information given is for general information and should not be regarded as advice in any matter.
This can be the start of a very exciting career or fascinating hobby in floristry and floral design with the Floristry Diploma Correspondence Home Study Course. The floristry correspondence course offers you a proven method of home study to learn all aspects of floral design and floristry. No previous knowledge of flower arranging is needed, as we start you right at the beginning. You will learn to create many different styles of floral arrangements suitable for all types of special occasions and events.
These include table centrepieces, basket arrangements, posies, modern floral designs, traditional flower arrangements, European designs, gift box arrangements, hand tied bouquets, tributes, corsages, bridal bouquets and wedding designs. You will learn how to make the same professional floral arrangements you see in florist shops. By putting in just two to three hours a week you will soon be creating beautiful floral designs the professional way.
The practical floristry lessons in each manual are set out in simple, every day language with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and each student will have access to online video lessons showing each lesson actually being made. If you are already involved in or are considering a career in floristry and floral designing you will find our course extremely beneficial in furthering your knowledge. One of the benefits of the Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School Floristry Distance Learning Course is that you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Fay Chamoun (The Principal) is an associate member of Interflora, the Australian Institute of Horticulture and the Australian Institute of Management.
Fay has studied all aspects of flower arranging extensively in Australia and the USA as well as silk flower making in Japan. Her flower arrangements and floral designs have been featured in leading magazines and newspapers. Fay has also produced a series of floristry DVDs and videos featuring different floral arrangements. Fay has demonstrated flower arranging and floral designing on television, at garden shows, in leading department stores and to many different organisations including Teleflora. The Floristry Diploma Course covers how to find a position as a florist, how to open your own florist shop, how to buy an established business or work from home. Many of our students enrol in the course for their own enjoyment to learn how to create flower arrangements for their home, family and friends. You will find flower arranging and floral designing extremely creative, interesting and fun.
There is a large variety of flowers and foliage available and many different floral designs to choose from. You will impress family, friends and acquaintances with your new found floristry and floral designing skills and you will be surprised at how much you will be in demand. Flowers will always be needed for weddings, birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries, funerals, get well wishes, new babies and many other occasions.
We are an International Florist School with students in Australia, USA, Europe, UK, Asia and many other countries around the world. Fay will be showing you each lesson in detail and you will learn the basic rules of balance and proportion in flower arranging. You will see wiring and taping, making ribbon bows, positioning flowers and foliage and finishing touches for each design. One of the advantages is you can watch the video at your own convenience, pause the video at any time and go back to watch any step again. Your student password will be included with your course materials. The online video lessons are only for students enrolled in the course.
We provide all floristry materials for each term such as bowls, baskets, corsage and presentation boxes, florist foam, bowls, bases, ribbon, cellophane, bouquet holders, cards, floral tape and wire. Fresh flowers are not included with the materials, as you would appreciate, these would not last. Different varieties of flowers and foliage that grow in the garden can also be used for your lessons. You have up to eighteen months to complete the full Floristry Diploma Course consisting of three terms.
If you have any other questions during the course, I will be very happy to answer them for you.
For full details on the Floristry Diploma Home Study Correspondence Course please click the Next button just below. I am a Catholic priest and I have been "doing the flowers " for over 20 years now and have also undertaken to organise and partake in a number of flower festivals.

We can also post books to your country - CLICK THE FLAG - (Zone-1) USA, Canada, (Zone Europe) Ireland, (Zone-2) Australia, New Zealand. What an amazing time we all had at Blackpool where we met so many flower arrangers who were looking for new ideas. A most magnificent show and the jewel in the crown of NAFAS flower arranging shows - The Festive Flower & Food Show held in Blackpool at the Winter Gardens. The standard of competitor's entries in the many different competitions was just incredible and most were nearly completed when we arrived in Blackpool around 9:30 one very wet and windy Thursday morning.
Ultimately the success or failure of this NAFAS show will boil down to finances and so while we wait to hear how the show faired we can know that everyone involved in it now knows what a good show feels like to work in.
The Designer of the Year competition was watched live by audiences over the three days and the brief was to answer audience questions that might be asked; so as to create greater interaction and more opportunities to win over new flower arranging members. Having attended this fabulous show both as a competitor and as a trade stand holder, we saw so many different aspects of the show and with this in mind we wish to thank Mig, the show committee and all the volunteers for everything they did in putting this fabulous show on. A new Flower Arranging book with a range different flower arranging designs for the winter festive season for flower arrangers - with a mix of both contemporary flower arranging and traditional flower arranging arrangements. For flower arrangers and those wishing to enter this wonderfully creative hobby - a new book with over 30 different Festive Contemporary and Traditional Floral Designs; using easily accessible and inexpensive materials. Gill's latest collection of floral design ideas to decorate your home over the Festive Winter season, a 'Welcome' door wreath to greet your guests and designs for you to create as gifts for your friends and family. A Festive Flower Arranging Book for A?9.99 from Gill McGregor - an experienced Flower Arranging Teacher, Flower Arranging Demonstrator and Floristry Teacher, who has specialised in Contemporary Floral Design and knows how important it is to include Contemporary techniques within floral designs to create Floral Designs with distinction. Seventy different floral designs of distinction were created and photographed to visually illustrate the a€?50 Techniques used in Contemporary Floral Designa€?.
By simply 'thumbing' through the pages you can look through the 70 different designs created for the book to perhaps become inspired to use a technique in your next design that gives it even more distinction. Otherwise step through the alphabetical ordering of the book and thereby use it as a visual reference to identify what a technique looks like when used in a design. A flower arranging and floristry book written for experienced flower arrangers and florists, as a learning resource for students studying contemporary floral design, and for people wishing to expand their floral design skills. This book also includes photographic ideas of structures and containers which can be self made some of which are featured in Gilla€™s previously written a€?Contemporary Floral Design Ideas and Techniquesa€? Booklets: six are from Booklet-2 and one is featured in Booklet-1.
For the self made containers a collection of photographs are provided to further show the construction methods and are again supported by a comprehensive written description as to how they can be made.
As an experienced Flower Arranging Teacher, Floristry Teacher and Flower Arranging Demonstrator Gill McGregor has specialised in Contemporary Floral Design and knows how important it is to include Contemporary techniques within floral designs to create Floral Designs with distinction. When Gill first started creating floral designs a€“ the use of wire was only considered to be suitable for support, anchorage and control.
Now with so many decorative wires available their uses have increased and are now often used to aid distinction, create visible supporting frameworks, and to enhance the look of a vase or a flower.
Many contemporary techniques require the use of wire and with so many attractive wires available Gill shows you how wire can now be used often to add visible enhancement; banding, binding, bundling, caging, clamping, clustering, cupping, framing, inter connecting, knotting, laminating, looping, mossing, pipping, plaiting, radiating, sculpturing, spiralling, stitching, structure construction, threading, veiling, weaving, winding, wrapping and of course wiring. As a Floral Designer Gill draws upon her experiences; as a fully qualified Florist, an experienced Floristry and Flower Arranging Teacher, a fully qualified Flower Arranger, a NAFAS National Teacher and NAFAS Demonstrator and a Floral Designer who loves to explore the use of products to arrange designs with a difference. Gill's new book on Wire Manipulation provides a host of different design ideas which require the use of wire for support, manipulation, control and of course anchorage. The designs include manipulation techniques, self made structures, self made frames and self made containers with both photographic and written narration to explain how each concept was constructed and what materials are needed. Over 140 photographs support more than 40 different contemporary floral designs with concise construction methods are included in this new Contemporary Floral Design a€?How toa€™ Wire Manipulation Book. One of a kind - this book has been written to support the host of Contemporary wire manipulation techniques that can be applied when constructing Contemporary Floral Designs. As a Floral Designer Gill draws on her experiences, as a fully qualified Florist, an experienced Floristry and Flower Arranging Teacher, a fully qualified Flower Arranger, a NAFAS National Teacher and NAFAS Demonstrator, to explore the use of products to help you to create designs with a difference. The focus of the materials used is that they are inexpensive; some purchased from pound shops or from regular floral wholesalers.
Booklet-1 is written for Contemporary floral designers and for those wishing to increase their floral design skills. Each booklet has 18 internal pages showing full colour photographs and supporting text in an A5 landscape format. As an experienced Flower Arranging and Floristry teacher and demonstrator Gill McGregor specialised in Contemporary Floral design and knows how important it is to include Contemporary ideas and techniques within floral designs to create Floral Designs with distinction.
The focus of the materials used is that they are inexpensive; some purchased from pound shops or from regular floral wholesalers.
Booklet-2 is written for Contemporary floral designers and for those wishing to increase their floral design skills.
As an experienced Flower Arranging and Floristry teacher and demonstrator Gill McGregor specialised in Contemporary Floral design and knows how important it is to include Contemporary ideas and techniques within floral designs to create Floral Designs with distinction. Postal Charges for delivery outside the UK are higher and must be paid before your book(s) can be dispatched.
We send our books through the Royal Mail postal service which has proved to be able to succesfully transport our books to our readers in many different parts of the world.
If you live outside of the UK, your government may ask you to pay them additional tax - sales tax, duty.
The selections of books are designed to rationalise postal costs and to provide a paypal option to purchase; which you can do as either a paypal transaction or using your credit or debit card through paypal.
Gill has performed 100s of Floral Art demonstrations and entertained 1000s of club members at NAFAS Flower Clubs in the London and Overseas, Home Counties, East of England, Kent, BBO and Surrey Areas. Gill McGregor NDSF is a fully qualified florist holding the Society of Floristry NDSF Diploma, equivalent to the current Level 5 C&G Floristry qualification, a fully qualified Further Education (FE) teacher and the holder of the Certificate of Education.
Heavily involved in the promotion of the Florist industry Gill participated in the writing of City and Guilds Floristry qualifications for over 20 years and has demonstrated Floristry skills and techniques at eminent Floristry shows in the UK, Essen, Paris and Kansas. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
We have other students who want to learn to arrange flowers for their own personal satisfaction and enjoyment. We will teach you hundreds of floristry and flower arranging tips and techniques at our flower school that are used in florist shops today.

Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School disclaims all and any liability in relation to any act or omission which is done in relation to the information provided on this web site.
Floral Art School of Australia is accredited with the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.
Each manual has hundreds of floristry and floral design tips and techniques with photos and illustrations. You do not have to use expensive flowers for your lessons, the positioning is the important thing.  Flowers such as carnations and chrysanthemums are ideal to use when you are first learning. If desired you can use silk flowers and foliage for your lessons so you will have a permanent sample for each design. I have over 40 years experience in the floristry industry and I will work with you on a one-to-one basis throughout the course to help you be the very best you can be in floristry. We set off earlier that morning at 3am and arrived in our great big van ready to assemble our trade stand and for me to also compete on behalf of London & Overseas for Designer of the Year. It has to have been the creative thinking and planning that was done ahead of time and then coupled with the energy and enthusiasm that the A show committee and all of the volunteers brought in abundance. This a€?how toa€™ book explains how each design idea was constructed, what type or types of wire were used and has been developed to help inspire you to create and develop your own designs incorporating wire. This book is for Florists and Contemporary Flowers Arrangers to instruct, inspire and further develop design skills and techniques. Full colour photography and supporting text, A5 portrait, 56 pages including covers, index. Each suggested idea is supported with full colour photography to show the completed arrangement and comprehensive narrative to explain how the technique is implemented. The type of service available varies dependent on what service is available in different parts of the world and services include Tracked, Untracked, Signed only. We send books whereever there is a postal service - and through Royal Mail - they break the world into different Zones. A Flower arranger since the age of 11, Gill was on the adult flower arrangers, competitora€™s circuit at the age of 14; winning a host of different competitions and awards. Gill's expertise for developing courses is achieved through her vast experiences; in the management of thriving retail floristry businesses in London for 12 years, running a floral and balloon decorating business specialising in wedding designs and decor and participating in wedding fashion shows.
Gill received the prestigious City and Guilds silver medal (highest accolade) for her achievement in the Level 4 Floristry Business Procedures qualification in the UK. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
You will learn all about the florist industry including flower shop management and retail florist training. Our unique method of training will enable you to be able to create stunning floral designs, including modern freestyle flower arrangements, in a very short period of time. In addition to the lessons there are instructions on how to create many other unique floral designs. We will include a silk flower and foliage price list and order form in with the First Term materials. One of the benefits of the floristry correspondence course is that you work at your own pace, in your own home and at a time that is most convenient to you. You can e-mail or post photographs of your practical lessons, and I will evaluate them and give you feedback and offer helpful suggestions if needed.
You will find the Fees and Enrollment form at the end of this Floristry Correspondence Course section. If you were lucky enough to be a visitor or especially if you competed, now is the time to spread the word to others about how good this show was at representing NAFAS and that NAFAS shows like this make it much more likely for NAFAS to reach out to meet, potential, new flower arranging club members. The designs incorporated are a range of both Contemporary and Traditional ideas with a host of pictures and narrative to explain their construction.
At 16 Gill performed her first Floral Art demonstration and became a qualified NAFAS Flower Arranging demonstrator in 1992. As Gilla€™s passion and enthusiasm for teaching developed Gill successfully grew and headed up an OFSTED Grade 1 Floristry department in a specialist FE College for many years.
Over the years Gill has taught 100s of Floristry students with many running successful businesses in London and the Home Counties. You will find each manual will be a valuable reference guide, during and after you have completed the course.
Flowers that are in season are suitable, as they are less expensive and you can often  buy them at a weekend market at a low price. Fay and her staff have had years of experience and have been very successful in training thousands of people in professional floristry.
Learn to create corsages, flower arrangements, basket designs, European floral designs, traditional and contemporary floral designs, gift boxes of flowers, funeral tributes, posies, bridal bouquets and wedding designs.
I elected to break my 5 hours as; the first hour doing leaf manipulation to get them ready for use, 3 hours to make the 3 designs and I allowed an extra hour to answer any visitor questions in the spirit that this interaction would aid the show's appeal and make it more likely that visitors would consider joining NAFAS.
As a fully qualified Flower Arranger Gill has taught Traditional Flower Arranging and Contemporary Floral Art classes and workshops; receiving hosts of compliments for their course content and her teaching delivery. I am sure we all loved the experience of competing and having learnt so much I would jump at the opportunity to compete again at this level and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their fabulous comments about my work and the designs I created as part of this competition. For many years Gill was a Floral Art scheme adviser for City and Guilds and wrote the current suite of C&G Level 1-3 Flower Arranging qualifications.
Study floristry in our distance education course for an exciting career or as a rewarding hobby. Finally I wish to say well done and congratulations to Alison Cooper, Cheshire Area, winner of the Designer of the Year Competition.
Flower Arranging has always been Gilla€™s passion and she continually strives to design and develop new Floral Art Techniques and Designs for the Floral Art World.
In our professional floristry courses you will learn hundreds of floral design tips and techniques.

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