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The Flower Power Project is part of the Revitalize Not Militarize Campaign, which challenges us to think about what it means to  live in the border region.
Through this project, we want to show how much militarization already exists in our communities and to suggest that investment go to other areas it is needed most, like jobs, hospitals and schools. The Flower Power Project is an online series of images that will highlight scenes of known militarization in border communities and will juxtapose the scenes with orange Gerbera daisies to suggest revitalization and peace as alternatives. Known examples of militarization include Border Patrol checkpoints or vehicles, border agents in neighborhoods or on public transportation, drones, detention facilities, camera towers, or border walls.
The series will be a collection of photos for sharing on the site, RevitalizeNotMilitarize.org, and on our Instagram and Facebook sites. The flower used can be real or artificial but it must be orange and it must be a Gerbera daisy. Militarization as background: find a location, image, structure, vehicle, object or symbol that represents border militarization.
Once the “background militarization” image is established, an individual can stand in front of it and have their picture taken (see example 1) holding an orange Gerbera daisy. If the person does not want to be in the picture, they can leave a flower or a bunch of flowers in front of the object that represents militarization (see example 2).
Whether you send us a picture or not, you can still participate by liking and sharing any images that are posted on our sites.
You can also mention your local congressional representatives or other influential people you know.

They make the atmosphere fragrant with their sweet aroma and make the scene beautiful with their charming beauty. As part of immigration reform, Congress is discussing legislation that will affect all who reside within 100 miles of the southern border.
Please mention details about the location including the nearest streets and what is in the picture. They are available at flower shops, fabric stores, arts & crafts stores and supermarkets.
Image can be (but not exclusive to) a Border Patrol agent or vehicle, a drone, a detention facility a road sign, or a checkpoint. A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. The Impatiens genus originates from the Northern Hemisphere, but the tropical regions are also known to be appropriate for the occurrence of such plants.
The Impatiens genus has both annual and perennial species and the main difference between these two types is that the annual plants only show their flowering in the spring and up until November, while the perennial can bloom all year long depending on the warmer weather conditions which favor the blooming process. One characteristic these species share in common is the shape of the spur which takes the form of a shoe. Although extremely beautiful, the species belonging to the Impatiens genus are quite susceptible to diseases, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and even viral.
If used in over-doses or without medical advice, the Impatiens can cause vomiting sensation or diarrhea. The Chinese mix roses, orchid and Impatiens in creating nail-polish, while cosmetic product companies use the Impatiens to create shampoos, body lotions or perfumed facial creams.

Flowers are the symbol of spring, symbol of life and joy and refreshment, symbol of celebration.
This could mean drone surveillance,  more checkpoints, more border agents in our communities than police officers, and more trampling on our civil and human rights.
Belonging to the Balsaminaceae family, the Impatiens represents a flowering plant renowned for its beauty and specie variety.
Reaching about 2 meters in height when reaching maturity, the Impatiens genus is known to be small-sized oriented, those species reaching the height of 7 feet being considered exceptional cases. Some are flowers in the shape of a star, some have flattened petals and some imitate the petals of roses. Amongst the most common diseases we can mention: the Pseudomonas leaf spot, the Southern blight, Rhizoctonia root and stem rot, Impatiens necrotic spot and Tobacco streak, all very dangerous and which can actually lead to the plant’s ruin. All flowers belonging to the Impatiens genus have intense colors, from pinkish shades to white, orange, lilac and purple.
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In any kind of ceremony, flowers are used for decoration and beautiful big bouquets are presented to the guests.

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