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For tattoo aficionados, mehndi art or henna tattoos will probably never take the place of actual tattooing.
Mehndi was more like cosmetics – a way of decorating the body for special occasions such as weddings.
Some artists use stencils, but others are able to draw these intricate patterns and apply henna tattoos by hand. Nowadays, with the renewed popularity of tattoos in general, henna tattooing has found another application. While some people (regardless of background) opt for the traditional mehndi art, there are many other choices available. Black henna is the name given to a toxic dye that is added to henna in order to make it black.
There are some unique ideas on how to go about it, and to take the sisterly love and bonding to the next level. Some do it for the thrill, others for the pure joy of the tattoo art, others still to make a feeling or action permanent by giving it the form of something that will never fade away.
If you have a sister and want to applaud that special bond you share with her, go get yourself a tattoo from among the designs we just talked about.

But if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, or if you’re underage, or if you want to see how a tattoo will look in a certain location, henna tattoos are fun, inexpensive and virtually risk-free!
Anyone who has seen a traditional mehndi design can attest to the fact that the patterns are intricate and stunning. You can select a tattoo design that is much like a real tattoo, the only limitation being that it has to be brown. Rather than the traditional mehndi feet or hands, henna tattoos are found in a number of places on the body, much like real tattoos – the arm, shoulder or ankle are all common choices.
The reasons are many, and each one of them is important in itself for the people who get a tattoo.While there are several tattoo designs and forms, the sentiments behind getting these, and understanding the tattoo meanings can differ. Or you could go in for a completely different tattoo that has drawn inspiration from something y'all both connect with.
This gradually fades over a period of days or weeks, depending on the specific henna tattoo product that is used – some seem to be substantially stronger than others.
That having been said, the problem with many henna tattoos is that they end up being rather faint in color, have undefined edges, and fade quickly. The pattern is painted on by the tattoo artist, and then the paste is left to dry until it falls off naturally, revealing the tattoo design underneath.

There are many people who go in for matching tattoos to give the bond that they share with the other person a new dimension and meaning. When it comes to matching tattoos for sisters, the relation that drives this idea forth can be well understood.
Having spent your childhood together and having done so many things as a team, getting matching tattoos seems like an excellent idea to commemorate that feeling.
Something that wouldn't exist if you weren't sisters.Favorite Verses for TattoosSome deep poem from your collection of poems that y'all both love? Several siblings choose to use short quotes for tattoos as well.Astrology Tattoo TipShare a birth month?
Half a sun, or the moon, or a Celtic star makes for a great tattoo design as well.Chinese Symbols for TattoosChinese symbols have always been very popular as tattoo designs.
Just make sure that you don't get any random design that does not signify anything, instead, use a phrase, or words that actually signify something special about your relationship with your sister.Small TattoosWhen it comes to small matching tattoos, there are several choices.

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