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Tattoos on Girls of a Beautiful Black Panther on the Side of a young girl in position of attack hidden in something like a river with a lot of red & violet flowers in the water.
Tattoos on Girls of a Big Octopus in Violet colour going from the thigh of a thirty years old women to the back . Tattoos on Girls of Maori American style placed on the shoulder of a thirty years old girl showing typical maori models as the soya beans, the strips of arrowheads, the polynesian flower Hibiscus & many more. The upper back region is an excellent spot to get an attractive tattoo that shows off your character and personality.
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Due to the high volume of emails received, please be as specific as possible in your subject line and body of the email. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. It shows the feathers of the animal in green & with plenty of yellow-pink Tipanier flowers inside. As you can see the panther has been greatly designed in black, blue & white colors  and is occupying her placed impressively in the side. As you can observe the suckers has been detailed accurately by our friend Tasi Meleah in red colour & the body of the tattoo if sully occupying the female upper thigh of the lady.
Designed et Tattooed by Tasi Meleah’ in his Tattoo Studio BARENAKEDING of Tempe, Arizona.

Because of this, he is forced to be very selective when it comes to tattoo ideas from potential clients. Awesome piece tattooed by owner & former main artist of the Tattoo Studio Barenakedink, Tasi Meleah, of Tempe, Arizona.
You can sport a wide range of tattoo designs on this region with religious symbols, Zodiac signs, animal tattoos and motivational words of phrases being the most common choices.
This awesome pieces was tattooed by our friend Tasi Meleah, owner & main artist of the Tattoo Studio of Tempe, Arizona.

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