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Although you might not have found your perfect tattoo in the list above, you are no doubt starting to visualize one.
The traditional fish motif with a circle forming the eye symbolises that all our deeds are being watched by the almighty.
The Jesus fish carved with violet color filling the black outlines shines with the holy presence of Christ.
The up and down arrows in the fish’s body indicate that god is always with us in our high as well as low phases.
Fish tattoo with a cross inside the body and colorful, butterfly motif charms with its exquisite look. Knotted fish arc having three cross signs carved along with other motifs on the inner side of the biceps. The tiny fish and the coin symbolise that the grace of god is the most precious asset in life. Thorny branches coiled up as the Jesus fish stand up for the pain Jesus had taken to bring peace for mankind.
The conventional Jesus fish tattoo design is most preferred for its simplicity and elegance. Two tiny images carved at the bottom of the leg are symbols of faith in Christ and his teachings. Yeah the style of the Creative an Cool tattoo really does have a carved out of wood effect, very clever.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. I'm a graphic designer and i hate to alter my skin with graphics, symbols or other staff.
I am a designer, and I could never pick one mark, or design, that I could be sure of liking forever. Incidentally, I'm not an expert in this area but my tattooist suggested that skin growth can play havoc with precise typographic character shapes, not to mention kerning, so Luz, proceed with caution. I know I'm a damn difficult customer for my tattoo artist, but I want things to be perfect.
One man offers to pay for a skin-grafting operation, while another invites Drioli to live at his hotel, the Bristol in Cannes. I just dont know if i could cope if the tatoo artist went slightly wrong or something just wasnt quite right.
I'm a graphic designer and I have two, with plans for several more and intentions of starting on a half sleeve next month. But I have to say that it did take me a looong time to find a design that meant enough to me to put on my body for the rest of my life. I think it's not what your tattoo looks like, but what it means to you that is fascinating. If you're a graphic designer the only way to go when considering what font to use is Zapf Dingbats!
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
TweetForearm tattoos are usually considered “manly” and only suitable for men but recently more and more women have become interested in getting them as well.
These tattoos can be used to make a sleeve – a tattoo that covers the entire arm or just have a simple design such as a name or single piece of art that speaks to the wearer. A blue swirled star accompanied by plain stars and bold black swirls make a unique forearm tattoo. Using the same color scheme with different symbols that are personal to the wearer make for a truly unique forearm tattoo. Forearm tattoos don’t always have to be bold and take up the whole arm, a small meaningful tattoo is sometimes desired. A colorful tattoo with a scepter and tiara  dedicated to Sailor Moon, a Japanese anime character. A word that has special meaning can be paired with a simple rose to make an elegant forearm tattoo. A significant quote or lyric can be placed on the forearm to remind the person to remain strong. This colorful scene depicts the person’s home town with a heart and hands at the bottom.
A serene looking colorful owl with a heart and a significant year on a banner tattooed the inner forearm.
Love for the Arabic language is nothing new for the people around the world and there are different ways of showing it.

If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Chinese Writing Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Chinese Tattoos and Hispanic Tattoos. Getting one’s own name carved in Arabic is quite common and this girl did the same on her forearm.
The Arabic liner means faith, hope and love carved along with a dove symbol that looks soothing and serene.
This lover has sgot her beloved’s name carved in Arabic as well as English on his back. The Arabic loving girl got her name Elena Gonzalez carved in the same language on her ribs.
This cross is a sacred Egyptian symbol which has been carved along with the words happiness, life and health. The famous poet Rumi’s lines carved on chest along with two colorful birds on sides look charming. This is an Arabic tattoo that has been engraved on the rib just for the sheer love of the language.
The Arabic word inside the colorful rectangular block with beautiful embroidery means soul. A person’s name inked in Arabic around his wrist, acting as an inspirattion for others. Hello how do you spell marco Moses I’m half arab but my parents never able to teach me arab but iknow only my family history can you help me out. I’m arabic and i have to say most of these tattoos are missed up , either the meaning is wrong , wrong spelling , words written backwards or the font is super ugly.
My advice is not to tattoo yourself with these lame sentences, if you really love these words apply them in your life practically.
Every self (also means soul) tastes (not sure, the word spelling you wrote is weird) death. My son’s name is Riley, and I have always wanted the words THE LIFE OF RILEY tattooed on myself somewhere.
Cher incorporated the bird, peace sign, and question mark tattoos into a partial sleeve in May 2011, when she surrounded them with butterflies.
On the back side of her wrist is another red heart, one of four on her body, but this one is part of a set of symbols. In January 2011, Cher tattooed a diamond on her right hand between her thumb and index finger. Later that month, Cher got a second red heart tattoo – this time on her ring finger on her left hand. Body Arts GalleryBlog Having Exclusive Collection of Tattoos Photos, Mehendi Designs, Body Paint, Piercing Images etc. I m not very fond of bio mechanical tattoos…but this one looked quite ok among all which i have seen so far. Men who are getting this tattoo are capturing something of the exotic in their skin and also something with hidden meaning and a bit of mystery.
David Boreanaz (star of Angel) has some on the inside of both wrists; Johnny Rzeznik (of the Goo Goo Dolls) has kanji for love, dreams, discipline, faith, truth, and greatness! All of must have across the faithful, god fearing men and women who like to wear some holy or spiritual insignia as tattoo designs. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
But if I did, it would be very personal (not necessarily in location!) and therefore I don't think my career would come into it.
I have a fairly large faery falling through bubbles on my back, and on my inner wrists I have a interrobang on the right side, and an irony mark on the left side, both set in Palatino Linotype. Each design took me months and I would always stress to anyone - PLEASE take time choosing what you want to get, it's there for the rest of your life! I can't expect the tattooer to have the same interest in typography as me, I understand that.
I would say that the biggest concern for me was to get them in places where I wouldn't constantly see them. Someone I used to know (a designer) very sadly lost a baby that she wanted to call phoenix, because of this she has a huge phoenix tattooed across her back. Now if I had one done today I would probably make it a little more stylish and elegant, but I would still have a sun because it's meant to stand for eternal optimism. They took alot of thought, but both are also very sentimental regarding my father who died a couple of years ago and the 37 year marraige between my parents. I'd rather have a colorful and fun -wrinkled - skin when im old than just a plain -wrinkled - one.

While a lot of people opt out of getting a forearm tattoo for fear of not being able to find work, others embrace it. Because they are not easily concealed or removed, it is important that the tattoo artist you choose produces quality work. Most men choose forearm tattoos as one of the most popular places to get a variety of designs. Some do it by learning the language itself or some are just fascinated with the beautiful calligraphy and want to give it a shape. Arabic wording is not something I had thought of before for a tattoo, but now I really have to get one.
The skull has a diamond on its forehead, glowing red hearts in its eyes, and a single gold tooth. The placement of this tattoo is similar to her X-Factor mentor Cheryl Cole‘s tribal hand tattoo.
The premise is that the tattoo will be revealed when you hold your finger to your lips to shush someone, though in Cher’s case it is mostly seen when she holds a microphone.
Hanging scrolls are a unique form of displaying art that can easily be transported and stored.
Alex said that all the graphic designers he knew didn't like tattoos because they could never pick one mark, or design, that they could be sure of liking forever. The statement about location made me laugh out loud as I still can't decide where to put it—despite a year's worth of consideration! Drioli realizes he has a valuable work of art, a portrait of his dead wife by his friend Soutine, and he is offered a huge amount for it.
It's beautiful because of what it means to her, not because of what anyone else thinks of it.
I have also made in the last year a wonderful friend, who co-incidentally has a tattoo of a sun in exactly the same place! The people who choose to get forearm tattoos usually get bold and decorative designs that they are proud to show off. Cher told us that she didn’t want to get tattoos on the outsides of her arms because she thought that it was more feminine to do just the inside, but I guess she made an exception for the wrist!
Also the good thing in this pic is that the tattoo is been shown in 3 angles making it convenient to develop the idea of the work done. The inspiration for this tattoo design has its roots in the story of the “fishes and loaves” when Christ fed the teeming millions just by multiplying five small loaves and two fishes. 90% of the tattoo artist I've met are excellent artists in terms of drawing, but few can design in terms of the talent of a graphic designer. He desperately needs the money, but how can he deliver the picture to a buyer while he is still alive?
Anyway, in time to come everyone will have them and it will be all the trend, won’t it? She shared a picture of the ink of her twitter with the caption “Happy birthday uncle boo, missing you. This very story finds an echo in the tattoo which has the Jesus fish carved in a simple design. Here we have a collection of 25 tattoo designs with the Jesus fish in varied forms and shapes.
Couple that with the horrible colour distortion of tattoos over time and you've got a designers nightmare. Just because I can layout a brochure or create a logo doesn't mean I want that kind of work on my own skin. If you are in search of some creative ideas, having a look at it would go a long way in serving your purpose.
I would want it to be personal and aesthetically pleasing and not the crap you see on most people! As there are many designs that can be placed on the forearm, they continue to be a popular choice for men seeking a tattoo.Some popular designs for forearm tattoos are lettering designs as well as symbols and other cultural and foreign lettering. The cursive letters are full of beautiful twists and turns, thereby, creating a mesmerizing display.
If you are also an Arabic enthusiast and looking forward to a tattoo design, do check out this post. Sure I came up with the general ideas and placement for my tattoos, but I let the artist do his work.

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