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Long before Nautilus cams and Cybex selectorized machines, the road to strength was paved with heavy-ass stones. Forgive my coarse language, but the thought of lifting 100-plus-pound spheres of concrete–commonly known as Atlas stones–fills me with RAGE!
I rage because Atlas stone lifts are awkward and brutal, and they leave you bruised and battered. When you do finally get your exposure to Atlas stones, you’ll discover some things that seem counterintuitive to what you’ve been taught about heavy lifts. But don’t worry, the lift will be safe as long as you maintain an iron-bar-like stability of that rounded back.
To learn more, check out these two awesome videos from Rob Orlando’s CF Strongman certification classes. Unlike the glamorous Oly bar, there’s no shiny knurled grip, smooth-spinning sleeves and nicely balanced load.

Thanks to influential individuals such as Rob Orlando (a strongman competitor who found success in CrossFit), strongman is now tightly woven into the tapestry of our sport. Some of you may wonder why they stay safely ensconced in the CF 915 Level 3 training room, and why Marc won’t let just anyone wrap their arms around them. Before you start playing around with Atlas stone lifting techniques, you need to have some solid core strength and deadlifting prowess.
For example, you will have a rounded back throughout much of your Atlas stone lift, because you will squat down very low and wrap yourself around that concrete sphere.
And you can maintain that stability with a crushing embrace of the stone against your torso. Just like any new skill, we start off with relatively light Atlas stones and work our way up to the insanely heavy stuff. There’s what Rob Orlando describes as the “one-time” lift—essentially a power clean of the stone to your shoulder.

This is why during our workouts at CrossFit 915, you’ll encounter tire flips, sledgehammers, farmers walks, axle bar lifts, sled pulls and pushes, yoke carries and Atlas stone lifts. We need to be sure that you know how the legs, hips, back and core work together to safely lift heavy objects. What we don’t want to happen is any unplanned shift of the spine’s position while it is under load. CF915 Level 2 and Level 3 athletes who use Atlas stones in WODs are typically capable of double-bodyweight deadlifts.

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