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Microsoft is also delivering updates for the Office iPad apps that include new features along with the ability to create and edit for free. Looks like Microsoft continues down the path of Software Company instead of a Window company. It’s really sad, last year when office for IOS came out, they had a day in which they gave out free access for Office 365, so that you could use Office for IOS without a fee. I went to the Microsoft store last March and got one of the 200 free access tickets, activate it but you know what, to this day I have still have not used Office on my Ipad.
So what your saying is because you don’t use Office 365, the whole Mac community doesn’t? There are a lot of folks that are paying for Office 365, mainly because they deal with folks in the window world and Microsoft office is the way to go for most of them. What I am saying, Microsoft Office has been around the Mac community just as long as the Mac, and especially the last ten years since Safari came out, Microsoft seems to only unpdate our product once ever three or four years. In 2004, Microsoft Office was a really big deal in the eyes of many in the Mac world including myself. It’s a bad thing for people who enjoy good software, but an obvious good move for Microsoft. Sketch is a beautiful application which will instantly convert your pictures into pencil drawings.
A perfect partner app for Nokia Lumia's other camera apps with some great photo editing features. Note: All the apps mentioned are completely offline and free apps available on the Windows Store.
BhargavDecember 10, 2013 at 10:30 PMThese apps are really good for editing photos on my Nokia Lumia. Currently, there are many free image editors, with which you can make various changes and modify the images with some professionalism. Photoscape X is a free program for Mac that allows you to work with digital photos in 360 degrees through a series of tools that can meet various needs.

I would have paid $10 per just to have a working version that didn’t require a monthly subscription.
Highly arrogant to think that your software habits are the yardstick which we all use to measure isn’t it. Also for many they have used Office so many years they are very comfortable with the product. You can choose among 27 different sketch styles and user can even adjust intensity , brightness , contrast and outlines.
With over 140+ frame collages and 30+ image effects you can create collages using wonderful templates. Perfect app to edit pictures taken by Nokia Lumia devices with cool effects like Focus+Blur , Color Pop , Collage etc. These free photo editing apps for Mac will help you to make your most beautiful photos and the way you want. This is a good free alternative to Photoshop and has a number of tools and resources to handle, cut and apply effects to any image. Along with iCloud Photo Library, Photos gets the job done very well in just a few mouse clicks and keeps all of your high resolution pictures (and videos, you might want them) in the cloud, available at all times from OS X and iOS devices.
It allows you to view and catalog your digital photos in all major file formats, rename images, create collages and edit photos using various filters. Crop, rotate, resize and add effects like sepia tones, greyscale and red eye reduction as well as adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. The company also said the updates make sure the apps offer “a consistently beautiful and productive Office experience on every device.” The apps are also getting Dropbox support, something the companies announced earlier this week. I would have gladly paid $10 per app, but now I’m stuck moving further and further into the Apple eco-system.
Almost 60% of the photos shared are edited , this shows the need for good photo editing softwares on any platform. But a Macbook or an iMac is already an expensive product, so, having to pay hundreds of dollars more for a high-end editing software may be too heavy.

To help you, we separated a list of those who are, for us, the top 5 free programs for Mac. It also offers advanced editing tools that let you apply layers, filter and textures in the images. The program supports several file formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and even special with multi-resolution. Your recommendations will help us to make this article complete, also helpful for other Mac users. Although it is full of opinions, it usually gives some problems not only in image editing but also the export of the same. It is the ideal software for those who like to manipulate photos, but no money to invest in Photoshop version.
There are a number of filters such as blur, color effects and enhancements that you can apply in your image. The imaging software provides extensive image editing and printing functions as well as batch processing and creating collages.
When editing photos you can crop, rotate and resize and, if required, add effects like sepia tones, red eye reduction as well as the ability to change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more.
It provides a much easier way to view, edit and share multiple photos simultaneously in multiple tabs. The intuitive interface makes perfecting your pictures easy, fast, and fun!Delete random bystanders, ugly fences, shadows, or any other element that's spoiling your photo in a single click.
After shooting different places of interests a user can easily remove unwanted tourists or other waste objects from the shots to turn them into perfect postcards. Modern digital cameras and flash cards allow rewriting photo and video files many times and sometimes important files can be deleted or lost by mistake.

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