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Here you can make your own realistic looking fan signs by adding some text and choosing a template (or use your own pic) from our collection of over 350 people who are your fans (sports games, music concert, protest rally and other places people hold up fan signs) holding custom signs just for you!
All of the image processing is done online through our web server, so you do not need any PhotoShop skills and you do not need to use or install any software on your computer (everything is done through your web browser). These image makers make for fun viral marketing tools (email attachments, printable advertisements, web ads, etc) and mini ads that grab attention (nice touch to your targeted traffic)!
Prank someone and make it look like real famous people (we have some actual celebrities posing with blank signs) made a fan sign especially for you with a personalized touch (the text you enter will show up in the sign) to show you are meant to be the receiver.
Can I link to this fun site?Yes, please do link to us, we appreciate even simple text links!
Ever see someone holding a homemade cardboard sign up at a sports game (hockey, football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc) field, arena or stadium? A digital fan sign is a sign (paper or cardboard) held in the hands of you with special text written on it.
Have you ever seen those big paper signs that people hold up at a concert or a sporting event? WE HAVE SEEN FAN SIGNS EVEN APPEAR AT PROTESTS AND RALLIES, they just join in the crowd with a sign that has nothing to do with the political issues at hand. It only takes less than a minute to create stunning geo targeted images that will not only make you look more focused on your client but will also make your traffic feel like they are being directly spoken to! Fansigns usually are boring and written in pencil or pen (even pernament magic markers in various colors) and most of the time the writing is not even able to be seen in the picture. IDEAS: Girls, have you been swooning over that hot young guy playing for your favorite team?
Once you have your sign ready, pose for a shot on your webcam or have a friend shoot a digital photograph of you. Be aware that many sport stadiums, fields, rinks (other public places teams or bands play) have rules and etiquette for proper fansign creation and exhibition. We love when you guys make us blank fan sign poses (glad people enjoy posing with fan signs), we save all of them to our (Fan Sign Generator) albums and post them to our profile. FAN ART or fanart is artwork that is based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist.
You simply pick your sign generator template (over 600 templates total) and edit the words with your own custom messages to make your own personal fan signs (samples HERE) to download and share. You can use the copy & paste codes to post dynamic images that display preconfigured text on forums or your web pages.
It's a random complimenter (customize your name like in the web application for compliments) or use your own small personalized message in the randomizing dynamic images (instead of just a name with random text).

This is a very new and unknown site (March, 2010) so we need some fans to help promote this brand new fun tool!
This will at least give you a link(s) in return and hopefully inspire more linkage from other websites. Well that's a classic example of a sports "fan sign" (a sign a fan makes to cheer on their favorite team or player)! Often the person who created the fan sign will pose to a camera to capture a photo of them with the sign they made (converted to a JPG web image). The biggest difference is a sign generator can be any type of sign from large fancy church signs to signs panhandlers are holding.
Then you get a photo taken posing with your sign to share with other people who do the same. This is your chance to get that creative edge above your competition and generate more sales! You even get free instant HTML or forum source codes ready to copy and paste to your posts, replies and forum sigs! Will cost per thousand views that deplete a credit that you pay per month or when needs refilling.
You will need some good paper, writing material such as markers or highlighters, and a little creativity. The best signs are usually written with a better writing utensil like a marker, highlighter, or even sharpies (stencils can come in handy too). We will be having a contest soon; the best fan sign of the month, every month, will win free stuff like T-shirts, CDs, etc.
Fansigns are sometimes fanart if some creativity (artists talents, scrapbook art signs) goes into making the fansign.
You can do what ever you want with the graphics as long as you do not edit the images after downloading from our servers. You can also send one of your fansign links as an email a friend using the Share Page links (like below), just click the icon that looks like mail.
Similar fan sign sites that allow making of personalized fan signs should contact us for a link trade here on our main domain names (reciprocal links on each of our homepages). These signs are made with phrases or nicknames that prove the sign was made for someone in particular so they cannot be used on any site.
This is a free chance to become a viral photo (fun web widget), your pose could become famous (be creative or silly)!
If you followed the Flyers-Canadiens series at all last year during the playoffs, you probably saw him tormenting the Habs goalies all series long.

A FAN SIGN is usually in the form of a photography wherein the fan or fanatic (LOL) holds a paper with his or her idol's name. I even once joined the 4th of July parade with my own made slogan fan sign (fan of my own website again), no one said anything weird and I even saw my photo in the tiny local newspaper holding my fan sign (free advertising BIG TIME). Geo-IP Fansigns utilize the same geo-targeting technology that has been at work for years in more sophisticated banners and combines it with real life handwriting fonts to produce a shockingly realistic advertisement. Management reserves the right to remove any sign, including those deemed to be obscene, inappropriate or which obstructs the view of other Guests. Fun tool to add personalised inspirational quotes written in fan signs that sit right on your desktop! No hot linking, download to your PC or transload the image to free hosting (transfer links provided). These passed on signs then get displayed online like trophies on various websites, the more collectors have, the more they feel that people admire them.
You may promote a domain name at bottom of blank signs as long as it leaves mostly room for blank area. So a man by the name of Captineous Yar and his pals Kirkeous and Polish decided it would be a good idea to get some paper and write what they wanted to say.
So go ahead, grab that piece of oak tag, your sharpie and start writing, you modern day Shakespeare!
People realized that these signs could be used for other uses rather then just at sporting events.
It only takes a few minutes to create stunning geo targeted images that will not only make you look more focused on your client but will also make your traffic feel like they are being directly spoken to! On the ancient battlefields when armies were standing across from one another, they would have signs in order to talk "smack" about each other.
They're an easy target if your team is losing and are the inspiration for many great chants from “I'm blind!
A fansign is when you write something on a piece of paper (eg, I love Melanerz xxx) and take a picture with it.
The most imaginitive fansign I ever saw was a person eating a bowl of Alphabet cereal with the message made from bits of the cereal.
To make the fan sign legit and ready for trade, the maker should pose in the photo that is taken of the finished fansigns (this proves it's authenticy).

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