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However, in trying to be more prepared for the season, I went hunting for some fun and free holiday fonts you could use to create your Christmas cards or home decorations. Be sure to see yesterday's post for additional inspiration related to all things Chalk + Art! I am wanting to create a book using chalkboard paper and chalkboard fonts like you have here. Hi Will, Jodie and Bella - I created the snow on the edge of the Chalkboard Art Print using a speckled brush in Photoshop. If you want to keep it fairly simple, just put your family name or a simple holiday greeting in a decorative font at the top of your letter. Borrow your layout from a template such as this Family Holiday Newsletter for Microsoft Word. Letters and newsletters can both be in a single column but you can make your letter extra special by using two or three side-by-side columns, even if your newsletter is a single page.
Drop caps or initial caps are larger letters often used as the first letter of an article and sometimes at the start of new sections of the same article. You could scan your signature to insert at the end of your letter (along with signatures of all the kids and other family members) or write it with a graphics tablet.
Use alliteration for titles such as Tarry Times, Lewis Ledger, Parker Post, or Hamilton Herald.While it is best to use basic serif or sans serif fonts for most of your letter to keep it easily readable, you can get fancy with the title.

Although a newsletter can have as many as 12 parts you don't have to get that fancy with your holiday letter. If not, dress up plain envelopes with stickers, to and from holiday labels (compare prices) or print directly on the envelope. I am one of those people that feel we should celebrate Thanksgiving before we put up the Christmas tree! Treat your holiday letter as an annual newsletter full of family member updates, photos from throughout the year, and maybe even a reason to keep it past the new year by including upcoming birthdays and special events. Something as simple as a gold seal on the flap (compare prices) can immediately communicate to the recipient that there's something special inside.
Just be sure not to use paper that is too dark or you won't have enough contrast between paper and text. I hope you'll try them out and come back and share anything you may create using them!!Happy New Year everyone!!
For Christmas, green and red may be traditional colors but they aren't good background colors for reading black text. Or, you can insert a graphic in place of the first letter for something even fancier or for multi-colored drop caps.
I know that I can pour hours into changing fonts for my designs.Hopefully this fabulous resource of 100 Best Holiday FREE Fonts can help you out!

If you want it in multiple colors, use your graphics software to color it and turn it into a graphic that you insert at the start of your text. You could end up with a green snowman.You can buy paper with decorative borders or print your own right on your own plain or photo paper.
Each letter features a Christmas theme such as the stocking-wearing mouse for M, Santa with S, or an L encircled with lights. If your holiday letter runs to two pages, instead of repeating the border, pull out a small graphic detail for page two. If using pre-printed border paper, get a matching color of paper (or plain white) for page two. Unless you've chosen a very subtle or simple border style having it on every page of the letter can be overpowering.

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