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We've got something for everyone's needs - some smiling lips, a camera lens, some vortex colour, a crop tool, a TV icon, and plenty more.
Vector signs, Illustrator symbols, buttons, illustrations and clip art icons in vector art format, free to download. A popular PC app in the days gone by, this app usage has seen meteoric rise after its deployment on Android and iOS. When we go for Photo editing, there are fascinatingly different stock pictures available ranging from categories like galleries, movies, magazines, posters, advertisements, billboards etc. Face detection technology i.e  it will automatically detect your face, and replace it in the picture!
As simple as a coin that has 2 sides, there will be some faults with respect to the app along with its different advantages. I'm an eagle-eyed person constantly tracking down the games in the Android Market(Play Store) and also really addicted to playing games on my Droid!! Upload images from your desktop or you can simply import photos from your cloud-based profiles like Flicker, Color Palette, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Facebook or Dropbox. Their Firefox add-on allows you to take a screenshot of a given browser page and save it to Picozu Image Editor. Top 5 Best Free iPhone Camera App: Best Camera Apps are becoming the hot trend of gadget industry nowadays as every single person wants to look best in his photographs.
All the below apps are very easy to use, having a good quality of your photo as compared to other iPhone Free Camera Apps. Created by Visual Supply Company, VSCO Cam works as both Photo Editing App and Best Free iPhone Camera App.
Apart from the basic photo editing tool, it offers brush tool and healing tool for selective adjustments and removing extra objects from photograph respectively.
Wide range of creative filters enhance the mood of image, convert it to black and white, also add textures, blur effect. Most of us know Instagram as only a photo sharing platform but no, not like that Instagram works. It is also a camera plus editing app for iPhone, which allow you to take the photo and then editing. Negative side of this Pixlr Express iPhone App is that the basic version only offers Adjustment tool.

The one thing I love about Smartphone photography is the ability to take pictures of anything, anywhere at anytime and post them instantaneously.
It's too tedious to snap a picture, transfer it over to the computer, fire up Photoshop and then go back to the phone to upload it to Instagram or Tumblr. Nik Software introduced a photo editing app some time ago making it super easy to make adjustments and enhancements to images straight from the smartphone.
Use them for commercial and non-commercial projects, websites, printed work, t-shirt designsA?a‚¬A¦ take your pick! You will find a chair,reclining chair,travel van,outdoor gear,camera,plane,ladder to pool,swimming pool, and more. Included in this pack are speaker vectors, digital camera, megaphone, headphones vectors, clapperboard, cinema videotape, and other media vector icons.
This App helps you to spice up your photos placing them on various drawings, magazines, celebrities, billboards and make them look fashionable! You an explore various editing tools such as color fill, magic eraser, freehand selection, cropping, selections and more. And if you have an iPhone, you’ll feel an automatic pressure to look best in your photographs.
Download these apps free from iPhone Play Store and check the changes in your photos and enjoy more. It’s filters have so much varieties and are rich in class (unlike other apps which dramatically reduce image quality) that if you used it once, you would never ask any of the other app. It’s highly user friendly, just slide your finger up, down, left and right to adjust the editing level.
It’s features – Adjustment, Effects, Borders, Overlays, Text and Stickers gives you a fine variety for editing your photograph. Some of it’s features – Touch Exposure and Focus, Shooting Modes, Photo Flashlight, Grid, Digital Zoom put in the category of Best Free iPhone Camera Apps. Even if you taking a first photo of your life, stabilizer tool works best and gives you a sharp image without any blur.
If you have suggestions of any other Best iPhone Free Camera App let us know in the comment section. If there was one downside to the simplicity of this process, it's that it makes it difficult to touch up any of these photos to really make them stand out.

The filters that come standard with photo-sharing apps are okay, but there's really no creativity to picking a "look" with little wiggle-room to be had. Trying to take the picture just right is difficult with little control over exposure, focus or any other camera settings.
Set includes icons line love arrow, cupid, gift box, camera, love mail, teddy, chocolate and many other favorite Valentine day icons.
The division into various categories is represented with the discretion that these pictures can then be shared through networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or transmitted via Bluetooth or simply stored in the phone’s memory.
It is great to have a huge library, but then the effectiveness of browsing through the pictures turns a mess.
But in these online photo editing tool s some of the image effects and photo touching tools are only available to premium customers. In Picozu there are dozens of filters and image-effects to give your photos a genuine look.
Here we are presenting a complete list of Top 5 Free Camera Apps for iPhone so that you don’t have to go anywhere else in searching of the Best iPhone Camera Apps.
The most important and user friendly function of this app is – Capture, Edit and Share photos. It allows you to deeply edit the images by pop up slider, by which you can check even very small changes at every step. This app fills that gap by allowing simple adjustments like brightness and colour, or more complex and fanciful looks. You share the photos automatically on Instagram by this amazing tool of photography and editing.
Biggest disadvantage according to me is the app can’t run on standalone device and wants a internet connection to function on!

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