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There was a lot of free premium WordPress themes, to be honest this research really surprised me – quality has been grown unbelievably! There are many types of  WordPress themes that you can use for a business wordpress themes or magazine wordpress themes or personal blogging, but what about if you want something a little more professional? Please feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts even if you have more reference links related to other tips and tricks that our readers may like. The freebie of the day is a collection of 4 free vector vintage style badges in high-quality resolution..
Calling all photographers: You know you need a website to reveal your wonderful prints, but what is the best way to display your artwork? In my opinion, you can use Flickr and Facebook for sharing, but you also need a website designed just for photographers. The Water Lily theme is one of the quintessential photographer WordPress themes since it focused primarily on the photos that you place on the homepage.
The responsive theme uses two columns, and the author says that the theme works best when you use large images and a minimal sidebar, and I would tend to agree. This theme, called SoloFolio, uses custom widgets and dropdown menus for photographers to clearly display their image portfolios to potential clients.The theme works well with WooCommerce in case you want to start selling some of your photos, and the social media icons come with the theme so they blend quite nicely. In terms of design, my first thought was that the theme looked a little bland, but once you start playing around with it and placing some of your higher resolution photos on there you can really make it pop. Clearly comes with a decent slider so your visitors can see what you have been up to with your camera. When a photographer makes an image, it becomes an extension of the photo subject, and the Make theme allows you to share that extension. The PhotoMaker WordPress theme works well for photographers of all skill levels, since it offers a full setting panel for changing items like logos, backgrounds and intro texts.
You can change the post formats and set featured images and thumbnails to make the presentation your own. The Zerif Lite theme isn’t exactly created just for photographers, but I think it deserves an honorable mention since it works so darn well for building a sleek portfolio website. The parallax header adds another layer of design to your site, and you can even integrate the theme with WooCommerce if you plan on selling your photos in the future. The Fifteen theme is both fun and unique compared to many of the other WordPress photography themes out there. The minimalist theme is responsive and retina-ready, allowing everyone to view your website regardless of the device. The Rokophoto Lite pops with exuberance from the start, since the generously sized header is just what any photographer needs to grab the attention of new visitors.
The responsive design has clean code and the ability to make some nice changes without looking at files or code.
Sparkling lives true to its name, since it dazzles your visitors with a wide slider to reveal some of your highest resolution photos. The best part is that you receive tons of theme options for changing items like fonts, colors, backgrounds and more. The Sixteen theme is a close cousin to the Fifteen theme we talked about above, and I might go as far as to say that I like this one a little more, with its clean thumbnails and simple header for sharing one of your nicer photos. The theme is fully responsive, and the footer and header are customizable if you want to change those around.
The menu is simple and elegant, and the homepage slider stretches across the page to reveal some of your best work.
I’ve left the best for last, because the SKT Full Width theme is by far my favorite option for photographers. The theme works to put your work at the front of the viewer’s mind by using your best photographs as the huge, full-width background.
The Quest WordPress theme is a suitable option for all photographers who are interested in a simple, yet elegant solution for displaying photos. Customize every aspect of your website including background colors, images, layouts and more.
The Full Frame theme includes a large header image and sleek social media buttons directly integrated into your website. Custom colors and backgrounds are available for branding your site, and featured images show up nicely for people to get intrigued and click through to your best content.
Consider the Aileron theme for your photography website if you enjoy a minimalist design with a clear view of your logo and photography-based content. Posts formats are easily changed, for giving your visitors something new to see whenever they click on a different post. With the SKT White theme you have various opportunities to show off your images, with a stunning full width header and even some call to action buttons that you can overlay on that header. Place a Recent Work page on your website for sharing your portfolio, and include a simple Contact page so potential clients can reach out to you and hire you in the future. Threaded comments are another bonus for those photographers who want to build a following, and the translation-ready nature of the CyberGames theme means that anyone who doesn’t speak your language can potentially translate it into their own.
The SKT Photo Session theme is often used for photo studios and creatives who want to make portfolios, since it has a responsive interface for viewing on mobile devices and several areas to showcase your most beautiful images.
The large header area takes up most of the screen space, and it works as a slider with overlaying text and buttons, acting as a landing page to send people elsewhere on the site. The Snapshot WordPress theme is a wonderful free choice for photographers, because it keeps things simple and modern, providing a beautiful slider and a grid-based layout below that slider to show off your photos in a professional fashion. Featured images show up as thumbnails whenever you create a new blog post, and you can even choose between a fixed width or full width layout. Try out the I Am One WordPress theme if you’d like a modern and creative look for your photography business. The featured images that show up on the homepage are styled and cut down so that you don’t have to do any editing when publishing them on your blog.
Note: We recommend that all students who intend to work within the creative industry make their own website as soon as possible. A theme is rather like a ‘skin’ that is laid over the top of your website and controls the appearance, style and display of the site, without altering the functionality or content beneath.
When you first create a WordPress website, it comes with a simple default theme (currently called Twenty Fifteen theme). It is worth noting that when you preview a theme, it often looks nothing like the amazing screenshot promised. Once you have reached the WordPress theme directory, you can search the themes or sort them using the filter options. Note: If you find a WordPress website that you like the look of, you can enter the url into this website and it will tell you what theme it is using! For your images to rank well in Google, they should be accompanied by relevant, in-depth text.
Displaying many artworks upon a single page is similar to how leading websites in the industry, such as Behance, now display work. It is worth noting, also, that if a gallery is built into a theme, any work uploaded to this gallery may be lost later if you decide to move to a new theme. Having thousands of free WordPress themes can make you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Shamrock is a clean, contemporary theme, with careful consideration given all aspects of the design, including the typography and sidebar styling (sidebar ‘widgets’ do not show up until you add these). Artists may dismiss magazine WordPress themes out of hand, but these can be a great way to showcase work or for Art teachers to share lessons and resources used within their classes.
DISCLOSURE: The Student Art Guide provides content free of charge, so that all students and teachers can access our resources.
Once you have selected a theme, the next step is add personalized header designs, tweak the layout, color, sidebar graphics and so on. If you have not yet set up a WordPress site, please read our accompanying article, How to make your own website (and why you need one)!

This website uses advertising to help us develop high quality teaching resources and provide these to our audience for free.
There are so many fresh WordPress themes available, so I was really picky in this article and after few days work selected 35+ fresh WordPress themes.
The portfolio template works fine, but some of these are made for general portfolios and not just for high resolution photos. The theme includes a small menu on the left hand side of the homepage, but overall it’s very simplistic and minimal, leaving much room for your photos to breathe. This theme is fairly straightforward, since it’s meant to help photographers offer a more professional look.
This way you don’t have to mess around with code to find the ultimate customization on your website. My favorite part of this theme is the social media integration, so make sure you play around with those buttons because they look really cool at the top of your site. The initial design looks a little feminine, which is just fine, but you can always change around the colors depending on your preferences.
I like the design since it has a different menu setup than any traditional website, but feel free to modify this if needed. I really enjoy the theme because it utilizes a single page to provide the ultimate scrolling experience for your viewers, no matter what device they are using.
The social media buttons blend well with the parallax header background at the top, and you can also see that the menu is revealed nicely for showcasing some of your other content.
When you scroll over one of these thumbnails it offers a little animation which morphs into a description of the photo.
A name is not all this theme has to offer though, since the styling is so sleek and stylish. Incorporate video and image posts, and play around with the five custom widgets for creating a beautiful interactive experience. The footer integrates well with all of your social networks, and you see that the entire homepage is dedicated as a scrolling blog feed, making it minimalist and ideal for people who just want to check out your most recent work. Not to mention, the Rokophoto Lite theme has a sticky menu so people know exactly where yo go no matter how far they scroll down. The flat theme looks similar to something you might have to pay for, but it’s all free, making it particularly sweet. I would recommend keeping the grid layout for the homepage, but you can always feel free to change this around depending on your own preferences. The best part of this theme (besides the fact that it was built just for photographers) is that it comes with a drag and drop page builder, so all of you web design noobs can rest easy. When you scroll down below the slider you’ll notice a nicely laid out grid that has the rest of your portfolio organized into columns and rows.
The design looks like something you might have to pay $50 to $100 for on ThemeForest, but no, you get this gem for free.
Menu items overlay the background and you can go in there and customize anything from logos to colors. The theme comes with support for a blog and portfolio, allowing you to show off your most recent photos, along with any other content or ramblings you may want to talk about. The responsive layout uses sticky posts and threaded comments to improve user engagement and build a community around the content you post.
The logo upload and featured content areas are easy to manage, and the the simple and clean layout ensures that all of the focus is on your photography. The theme also incorporates threaded comments to maintain engagement, and the responsive layout ensures that everyone can view your website on mobile devices like phones and tablets.
The theme is for magazines and blogs, but the simple layouts help you maintain a wonderful portfolio or photography feed. This theme is also nice because the header image is completely flexible, allowing for the ultimate customization on your end.
Translation support comes with the download, giving you a chance to reach out to people around the world, and the custom headers and backgrounds assist with branding your photography website and bringing a personalized style to your WordPress site. The interesting-looking and flexible theme has a fixed layout to minimize space used and decrease clutter. With two columns you should have more than enough room to place widgets and other content such as recent post lists and featured content. The simple theme options enable you to upload logos, change colors and modify typography, while the several plugin integrations allow for you to connect with solutions like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. Switch out the custom background to include your own stunning image, and play around with the threaded comments to generate conversation on your site.
The Snapshot theme offers a solid drag and drop page builder, which keeps your hands free of any source code, while the custom background is ideal for those who want to place one large background image to represent your brand. The theme options are fairly simple to use, and the threaded comments create an area for you to chat with your site visitors and respond to the comments that they post about your images. If you’re trying to get the word out about your photographs, the social media integration comes in handy for users to share on their own accounts, expanding your reach and showing folks what you can do.
In addition, the blog has a few post formats to help out with variations through your site. You can switch quickly between themes, while the articles and images that you have uploaded remain the same.
Once installed, you then ‘live preview’ this to test what it will look like with your existing content, or ‘activate’ the theme, to make it appear on your live website. This is because you have to add content and adjust the settings, before many of the features appear. It is also worth viewing the ‘popular’ and ‘favourites’ menu tabs, as themes that are used frequently may be higher quality, have better reviews and be updated regularly.
A responsive layout adjusts and adapt to fit different screen sizes, ensuring that the theme looks great on mobile devices, tablets and desktop. When you click on a thumbnail to preview a theme, you see a star rating out of 5, number as reviews, as well as version number, indicating how many times a theme has been updated. A website can be thought of as a blank slate – a clear gallery wall upon which to display your work. It can be tempting to want a website with all the bells and whistles, such as fancy sliders, flashy animations and special effects. Search Engine Optimation is something that you will want to learn about eventually, if you are serious about having your website rank highly in Google.
It is important to note that this is no longer the recommended way for displaying images digitally. Rather than opening page after page to view each new work, as you do in sites such as DeviantArt, users in Behance scroll down a single page, enabling images to be viewed easily and fast, particularly on mobile. Doing so means that when a user changes their theme, they lose access to that functionality.
It has an extended ‘one page’ WordPress theme, allowing contact details, featured content to appear on a single scrolling homepage. When aesthetically pleasing images are added, the site can transform from a rather commercial appearance to a stunning, vibrant aesthetic. Although we recommend that all new WordPress users use free themes – especially if you have limited funds – there are advantages to purchasing a good premium theme, particularly if you hope to turn your website into a business or professional venture. We will cover this in an upcoming article, along with our advice for the best free WordPress plugins. If you would like to support us or contribute in some way, you can find out the best way to help us or contact us here.
The developer is known as a responsive person with forums and email contact forms on the site. Click on one of these photos and it brings you to a regular blog post where you can include any description and media you desire. This WordPress theme has wonderful ratings, and it’s a masonry style theme, which in my opinion is the best way to showcase your photos.

It’s perfect for bringing your photos to the internet, and you can even integrate with WooCommmerce in case you want to start making some money. ECommerce support is also available for when you want to start selling your photos or if you have any merchandise to distribute. Not to mention, the Quest theme provides integration with BuddyPress, so you can run your own little social network and keep your users talking and sharing with each other. The Theme Customizer comes along with your download for real time editing, and the structure allows for you to run a complete blog, along with a beautiful portfolio area.
The custom backgrounds and colors can be changed to just about anything you desire, and the responsive layout is ideal for visitors on the go. Keep in mind that the theme is designed to work as a two column layout, so you can include widgets in the sidebar for anything from recent posts to social media buttons. Not to mention, the buttons are complimented by some overlaying text areas, which tell people what your website is all about. The custom menu helps you send people to the proper pages, and the sticky posts are ideal for improving interaction and engagement on your site. The WooCommerce integration is ideal for those who want to start selling merchandise through the site, while the Contact Form 7 plugin keeps you in touch with your clients. Create up to two columns for a nicely organized layout, and implement your own blog to improve your SEO and to send out free information and tutorials to your followers. Custom colors, headers and menus are all packed into the free Snapshot theme, enabling you to modify just about every part of your site. We like this combination because your customers can access your photos from the frontpage and not have to go around all over your website to see your content. Speaking of expanding your reach, the full blog helps out for showing the search engines that you’re creating valuable content on a consistent basis.
The blog is a powerful way to get people to come to your site more often, and it also has the ability to boost your search engine rankings. This article explains what a theme is, how to choose a good one and how to add this to your website. Changing a theme may alter font styles, heading sizes, column layouts, border styles, background colors, page layouts and so on. A good theme changes much more than just color and layout; it improves engagement with content and helps to communicate your brand in a positive light. If you have not added much content to your website and have not set up menus, the new theme may initially appear bland and empty. Added versatility often bloats a theme behind the scenes and makes it load slowly – something that is annoying for your visitors and less likely to rank highly in Google. For now, it is ideal to ensure that the theme you choose mentions that it is ‘SEO optimized’ or ‘SEO ready’ in the description (this is not a guarantee that it is, but it is a good sign). Note that these can all be customized with a personal header, graphic images, and different layout options, so two sites using the same theme may end up looking dramatically different. It has not been updated for a few months and does not claim to be SEO friendly, however for those concerned with aesthetics, this theme may be a good place to begin.
Using a magazine theme may also make it easier to generate advertising revenue from your website in the future, as these are often designed with ad placement in mind. This theme has several different versions available, allowing you to tweak the theme to suit an online store, viral website, business or blog (see the thumbnails above).
Create a portfolio or photography site, and start by customizing the logo, background and fonts.
The theme is highly customizable for placing tabs and pages for anything from a blog to a list of your services. Other benefits are that the theme allows you to send out the portfolio to potential clients, where they can then scroll through the portfolio pieces from a mobile phone or tablet. Not to mention, your followers will certainly find it appealing if you’re able to send out new stuff every once in awhile. Overall, the Influence WordPress theme is one of our favorites on the list, so give it a try and see how it works for you.
We end with a list of recommended free WordPress themes for photographers, artists, students and teachers. As almost all WordPress themes are responsive, there is no excuse for choosing one that is not. Selecting a theme with minimal color scheme and simple backgrounds is likely to be harmonious with a greater range of content on your website.
This way Google has lots of accompanying information about an image, so they are more likely to show it to those who make relevant search queries in Google. These are all great themes for beginner WordPress users and can be used to create beautiful, professional websites.
Zerif Lite has a large, prominent image on the homepage, making it a perfect photographer or artist WordPress theme.
As with all other WordPress themes, the front page can be set as a single page, or to show the latest posts.
MH Magazine Lite is a solid theme, with very good reviews (and the option to upgrade to a premium version later if you wish). Purchasing a theme via these links allows us to continue to deliver quality resources to you, for free.
You may also be interested in submitting an Art project or reading our Terms and Conditions.
This truly is one of the more customizable themes on this list, and you can always view it on multiple devices since it’s responsive. Five default templates are packaged into the theme, and a parallax slider is super cool for showcasing banner images that are generally going to reveal some your best photos, considering the slider is one of the first items a person is going to see once landing upon your site. The I Am One theme has translation files for connecting with people who don’t speak your language.
Not to mention, it integrates with the Page Builder plugin, which comes into play for beginners who would simply like to make designs with easy modules and a drag and drop interface. Test out how responsive a theme is by resizing your browser screen, to see how the preview adjusts as the screen size changes. You should also consider the needs of color blind users (read more about color blindness and how this affects artists and designers), and ensure that text is easily legible, using dark grey or black text on white. Featured images can be manually added to the homepage – perhaps even in gallery format, to showcase an artist portfolio. A gallery is built into the I Am One theme be default, making it easy to construct a professional look for your images, while also helping out users who want to see your shots in a fast amount of time. Obviously photographs tend to speak to people of all backgrounds, but this helps with the descriptions.
We also like this for more advanced users, considering pumping out websites for clients takes quite a but of time.
Test out the demo version of a theme and ensure that you can navigate your way easily around the site.
For those who are considering selling artwork or services directly from their site in the future, it is ecommerce compatible and SEO friendly. This is also one of the best free WordPress themes for writers, with clear, easy to read font.
Finally, the theme integrates with plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and bbPress, allowing you to communicate with your customers and fans in all different forms.
What’s more is that the theme has a custom background and menu, boosting your potential for branding, and holding up a strong platform that you can be proud of.
There is only one issue with the free theme; you are unable to customize colors, unless you purchase the premium version.

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