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You have indeed managed to compile a very nice list, and happy birthday for whenever it was. Good script fonts are a nightmare to find so well done for collating this selection, there are some really nice examples. Cool – now all I need is the techo-know-how to figure out how to USE them – ARG! Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this. Although the link for Saginaw is no longer operational my second choice of Monika is also perfect for my current needs.
Download this complete collection of hundreds of the greatest fonts to enhance any project!
Fonts like SF Collegiate Font, Action Man Font, SF Chromium 24 Font, Aftershock Debris Font, SF Americana Dreams Font, SF Arch Rival and many more! You have three options when it comes to creating a trendy vintage style logo or insignia: Buy a premium script font, draw your own or use a free font. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. The problem with free fonts is that they’re so overused and if you use them in a logo (or any other graphic containing a font) they lack individuality and uniqueness.

I am currently redesigning a website at the moment with a vintage feel and was after the perfect script font.
I am looking to redesign my logo for my wedding business.This is just the inspiration I was looking for. UJsually people think only about themselves but this could really change because we have such people who partake their knowledge and information. I am thinking there must be a MLB Script font Pack out there somewhere that someone has created. High quality forms of letters is good applications of personal use and CAC Champagne is the best fonts for me.
The free option sounds great but it can be difficult picking out quality typefaces from the hoards of cheesy display fonts that litter free font libraries. The Vintage Script that is my favourite is the LA Dodgers Team Script, however, search as I may, I can find some similar fonts but not the actual font. In this post I’ve compiled the best script and cursive fonts that would suit a vintage style logo. Could you create an element that looks as if it is pressed into leather, cardboard or some other appropriate material? I understand it is a logo, but has anyone actually created the a font so that they could spell “Dodgers” in the same script font?

In fact, there are freebies and deep discounts galore - if you know where to look and whom to ask. All these fonts are tried and tested and available for commercial use, making them perfect for both fun and client project use. Free Money, Free Stuff will point you toward more than 1,000 incredible yet real money-saving offers.
But I think I’ve managed to compile a very good list of free script fonts, from handwritten to grunge.
Plus you'll find special deals targeted for new moms, seniors, veterans, active-duty military personnel, people with disabilities, teachers, and more.
They are all free for commercial use to my knowledge, but check the licensing just to be sure.
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