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For thousands of Buddhist devotees, this is reason enough to make the journey to Wat Bang Phra temple in Thailand for the Sak Yant festival every March.
Sak means "tap tattoo" and Yant translates into "sacred design." During the festival, Buddhist monks deliver sacred tattoos to devotees, who believe these designs can ward off physical harm, bestow good fortune and offer healing powers.
Striped male disciple with a Sak Yant tattoo shows his confidence and power to the crowd during the worship ceremony of the schoolmaster Luang Phor Pern in Wat Bang Phra Temple. A tattooed Thai devotee enters into a state of trance as his spirit animal at the Wat Bang Phra tattoo festival in Nakhon Pathom.
A Thai Buddhist artist draws a traditional tattoo on the back of a devotee during the tattoo festival at the Wat Bang Phra Temple in Nakhon Pathom.

A Buddhist devotee receives a protective tattoo during the annual festival at Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Chaisi, west of Bangkok, on March 7, 2015.
Devotees raise their hands to try and catch blessed objects during an annual tattoo festival at Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Chaisi. A heavily tattooed Buddhist devotee sits among the crowd during an annual tattoo festival, at Wat Bang Phra temple. A Buddhist devotee works himself into a trance during the annual tattoo festival at Wat Bang Phra temple.
The ink is made from various ingredients and can include snake venom, herbs and cigarette ash.

Once the tattoo is completed the monk blesses and blows onto the ink to infuse it with power.
The tattooed are then supposed to abstain from drinking, stealing, lying, drugs and alcohol.

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