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Ndamukong Suha€™s record deal with the Miami Dolphins might only raise free agent linebacker Justin Houstona€™s price tag even higher for the Chiefs or whoever else might come sniffing around. Some of the biggest and best bands around will descend on Dumfries at the end of April following a break in 2015. Adult harm isna€™t always easy to identify, but ita€™s crucial that people with concerns speak out if they think someone is being mistreated, neglected or exploited.
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Ita€™s hard to say, though Tamba Halia€™s five-year, $60 million contract was tossed around during negotiations last year as a€?a starting point,a€? both sides have consistently been quiet about numbers.

Watta€™s a€” if it comes in a lot higher a€” then Ia€™m adjusting my contract demands accordingly, based on the deal,a€? Corry said. Until Houston signs it, hea€™s not obligated to attend any of the teama€™s offseason workouts, and ita€™s worth noting that Houston skipped those same workouts last spring in an effort to show his displeasure with the lack of a long-term deal in place.Whata€™s more, Houston is not obligated to sign the tender, or show up, at all, until week 10 of the regular season. One player who received a similar clause in exchange for signing his tender before the deadline was Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in 2008. Corry also cited linebacker Lance Briggs and cornerback Asante Samuel as franchise players who negotiated similar clauses into their contracts.a€?It can be done,a€? Corry said. A team hasna€™t done that since Dallas signed Joey Galloway in 2000, but this is potentially a unique situation, Corry said.a€?If Ia€™m a team at the back of the first round and Ia€™m pretty sure Ia€™ll be picking there next year as well, that would be a team that should consider it,a€? Corry said.

Corry, however, does not believe the odds of Houston finding an offer sheet elsewhere are great.a€?Ita€™s remote, I wouldna€™t hold my breath on it,a€? Corry said. Watt and Ndamukong Suh a€” $18 million per year, $55 million in guarantees and we can call it a day,a€? Corry said.To reach Terez A.

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