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If your looking for free tattoo designs on the internet then you may be having a bit of trouble finding a high quality design.
To find more tribal tattoos of similar kind follow the link tribal tattoo flash or tribal tattoo flash. At the end of the day they always seem to be the coolest ones, whether it be a free tattoo or not. That means that special free tattoo design that you just found has been used by thousands upon thousands of people. Because if that’s the case then there is free tattoo flash out there, if you looking for something that is not the least bit unique or creative. People will come into the shop and spend countless hours pouring over the free tattoo flash available.
While I would consider all these designs to be tribal, I don’t think that any of them are what I would call traditional. And these are also perfect examples of why I’m so against getting any old free tattoo flash that you can come across. The design in the upper right is what I believe is a full moon with an old tree in front of it.

These designs were probably whipped out by some factory, who’s also making things like kids stickers and such. Sometimes, however, the prospective tattoo shopper will bring in his own designs for the artist to customize. And these designs are a lot different from the garden variety free tattoo flash that you would see on a parlor’s wall.
Another thing that’s wrong with these designs is that no self respecting artist would just give away something that he spent time and effort on.
They either are of poor quality or have been used by a million people, which makes them less then unique.
There may be a lot of tattoos circulating around out there but the quality isn’t all that good. Tattoo artist who spent time to make a really cool tattoo design would expect to get some form of compensation for his work, whether it’s by using it in his own parlor or selling it to someone else.
This process can not only be painful and frustrating but it can also be a total waste of time. Let’s take a second and talk about each of the design elements in this free tattoo flash.

And even though this is a free tattoo and has only one color it is still a fairly complicated tattoo to do. Maybe there is a family crest or a a symbol that was of particular importance to your grandparents.
Not unless they using you as a guinea pig to test out their designs or want to photograph the tattoo for their portfolio. Gathered here are some great examples of free tattoo flash available to the potential tattoo consumer.
But, these do show you what the finished product will eventually look like and can be a great starting point.
Japanese dragons like this one always have a certain amount of fine detail to them that requires the hand of a very good artist.

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