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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. The Iban assume that having a frog tattoo on the throat will protect the warrior from having his head cut off in battle. Frog tattoos are one of the most magical and oldest designs which stands for metamorphosis, regeneration and which gives new instructions in one’s life. Frog tattoos are widely used by tribal and ethnic societies to symbolize regeneration, life and harmony. On the contrary, some people like cartoonish frog tattoos for a lighter feeling and sentiment. Frog tattoos may not be your conventional type of tattoos design but it is exceptionally rich in meaning and importance. And they also believe that their ancestors live in the body of the frogs to be close to their loved ones. Frogs are known to be one of the most interesting creatures of the wild and often times disliked by many people because of its extraordinary features and unusual characteristics. That is why they are often related to mentors who guide people to understanding supernatural powers because of their capability to jump from one place to another. The most popular frog tattoos come in artistic fashion of tribal design that is very attractive and eccentric. Frogs are also known as magical creatures widely used in fairy tales as a cursed prince waiting for the right princess to come and free the evil spell.  Other frog tattoo designs are created with a small frog sitting on a lily with its tongue lapping at flies.

Many tattoo enthusiasts nowadays are becoming more and more particular with their tattoo meanings because t reflects their innate personality and characteristic and convey their own message on life, love and sense of being.
Frog tattoos contain a rich symbolism that can also make them very personal symbols for any bodies collection of body art.
That is because frogs were considered to be guardians of of fresh water, and it was thought to protect humans from flood or thirst by making and manipulating a dam to control the waters for the maximum benefit. On the other hand, frogs carry a deeper and profound meaning to different cultures that remains unfamiliar to many individuals.
In ancient Egypt, frogs are believed to be protectors and guardians of men to the afterlife.
Some of the most common types of frog tattoos are the tree frogs which are created in bright, green colors with orange feet and red eyes. Frog tattoos are also combined with the Egyptian goddess Hekt because of its representation of Resurrection and rebirth. They are normally displayed as armbands, on the lower back, ankles, shoulders, upper back or chest. They may be made with a plain outline, or you can let your imagination run wild with bright, bold colors and more intricate designs.
Iban cultures use frog tattoos to mark a warrior’s throat to protect his head from being cut off during battle.
Others prefer peculiar images of poisonous frogs that are more interesting and unconventional.

In Western cultures, frogs are associated with negative aspects such as witches, plagues, diseases as well as the devil. The frog is usually seen as a teacher, as a guide to understanding supernatural powers and also as a mentor.
Native Americans consider frogs as “The Great Rain Maker” and a symbol of fertility, prosperity and wealth.  Modern Christians associates these exceptionally wild creatures to God because of the acronyms, “Forever Rely On God”.
Poisonous frogs may add something of an edge to these tattoos, signifying that the bearer is beautiful but quite dangerous!!
You will uncover that in many cultures, the frog is associated with the ability to jump from one state of consciousness to another. Scroll down to check out some amazing frog tattoo designs that can be customized easily for enhancing their symbolic value. In ancient Egypt for instance, the frog was thought to be a protector and a guide to the afterlife.
But, no matter the reason for getting a frog tattoo, they can make a nice addition to almost any tattoo scheme.

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