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A sleeve tattoo is basically a series of small tattoos or one big tattoo that covers the arm.
Many people collect enough tattoos to have what appears to be a sleeve tattoo, but others carefully design and place one large tattoo on the arm. Dragons is a creature of mythology dating thousands of years ago, and the interesting part about them is that the Western views them more as bad-natured creatures, whereas in the Chinese and Japanese views they are regarded as one of the highest-ranking animals for their animal hierarchy system.
Having a full sleeve dragon tattooA¬†is definitely something to put a lot of thought through before doing, as it covers a large part of your body — it’s like your whole arm really! Those who want to make a real statement in terms of body art will often contemplate the idea of getting sleeve tattoos. The broad and powerful muscular arm of a man forms a great canvas for permanent ink designs. Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men communicate a secret language, that of fantasies, dreams and desires.
Fantasy elements like castles, a gnarled tree and an owl, blend in this half sleeve tattoo.
This delicately inked tattoo showing tsunami waves, mixes ferocious lines with a soft feel. A stunning cross with pointed spikes, sits among clouds and texts in this mysterious tattoo.
Big cloud designs with cartoon faces and honeycomb elements, make up this fun half sleeve tattoo. Showers of red flowers give a feminine look to the muscular arm, in this floral tattoo design. A fish on the upper back is connected to a gorgeous flower on the arm, via a blue wave rounding past the shoulder.
An angry monster faces off with a small bearded man in blue, in these fairytale tattoo designs. The pencil shade effect gives a soft and artistic look to the fantasy scenes making up this arm tattoo.

An elegant ship with a magnificent hull, is the highlight of this artistically shaded arm tattoo. A creepy large black flower with a red center makes a brilliant accent on the upper arm, in this tattoo picture. Gray coils form a stunning backdrop to the lush blue flowers, in this colorful tattoo for men. The details inked with fine lines, give a vivid look to the wise owl in this vibrant half sleeve tattoo.
Take a look at the combination of black patterns and curvy shapes that makes up this tribal art tattoo.
This half sleeve fantasy tattoo is awash with themes like an angel, an imp, waves, and a shield with a cross.
Intricately shaded large roses sit above a wooden wheel, in this pencil sketch style tattoo. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. TATTOOS IDEAS Provides complete information and picture of tattoos Ideas, tattoos designs, body tattoos, sleeve tattoos, back tattoos, chest tattoos, arm tattoos, foot tattoos, shoulder tattoos, lip tattoos, wrist tattoos, hand tattoos, breast tattoos, Tattoo for men and women. So ask your friends who have a dragon sleeve tattoo done before, on how they feel about it and such, but most importantly, it will be you to make sure you really want it. Admired by both men and women, these tattoos require a great amount of thought in order to be created.
Bikers especially enjoy showing off intricately inked tattoos on their well-built upper arms.
A brilliant sun, an ancient tree, mushrooms and falling autumn leaves feature in the tattoo pictures. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

This is not an all emcomapssing site of every top tattooer in the world, but a growing list of the tattoo of the day winners on TattooNOW. Due to the many surrounding waters of Japan, Japanese dragons are considered as water deities, which associates with rainfall and bodies of water in their religion. However, those who decide to go for it are rewarded with a fabulous design that is always noteworthy subject of conversation.
The effects of the colors and lines, inked on rippling muscles, is immediate and impactful. Be it a design showing a pretty Japanese maiden, or one showing a wise owl, or a fantasy theme tattoo, each has its special flavor and feel.
But make no mistake, while this is a very informal tattoo contest limited to TattooNOW artists, the best tattoo artists on TattooNOW are no joke. There are always alternatives to a dragon tattoo, such as having a tiger or a snake tattoo. Many half sleeve tattoos are inked in a combination of vivid colors, to give an arresting look to the powerful biceps.
Truely we are honored to present some of the worlds very best tattoos and custom artists for your tattoo inspiration. Check out some of the belowA¬†dragon sleeve tattoo ideas for your own tattoo arts inspiration. For a subtle artistic look, a tattoo is often inked in a monochromatic palette, and may often have a pencil sketch effect. Roses, women, sailing ships, gnarled trees, deer and kings are some common themes in half sleeve tattoos. Mushrooms, pretty trees, cottages and monster encounters often bring out a grownup man’s inner child, in sleeve arm tattoo designs.

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