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To help you make peace with being alone, we've assembled a list of our 10 favorite quotes on the benefits of spending time with yourself. You people know about friends and friendship but, I want to tell you the exact meaning of friends.
Every friend cannot be a perfect or good friend because it depends on your expectation level. And as anyone who's ever been through a split can tell you, all too often, that feeling gives way to loneliness.

It's doing exactly what you want to do again and listening to the inner thoughts you may have silenced toward the end of your marriage.
Click through the slideshow below to read them all, then head to the comments to share your favorite sayings on solitude. You have many friends in your daily life but your good and best friends are very few in numbers. Friend is basically a person attached to another person with feelings and by heart. Loneliness occurs when you grow tired of yourself and start to anxiously look for someone -- almost anyone -- to help fill the void in your life since you and your spouse split.

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