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While you hope your scar heals, if it doesn't, using it as a symbol of healing is the next best thing.
This guy took the first cobra tattoo, multiplied it by badass and ended up with two cobras and a skull. The difference between tattoo artists and regular people is that regular people see a scar, whereas tattoo artists see the opportunity for a venomous cobra to leave a trail of blood. Sure, it makes the scar look nice, but every time you look at it you will be consumed by an overwhelming urge to zip it up.

If you don't want people to ask questions about your scar, this is the perfect way to change the conversation to how terrifying centipedes are. If you Google, "Gone to market, love pig tattoo" you'll find that other people have this tattoo. Using scar tissue from a burn to create the basis for a beautiful textured landscape is the kind of artistic genius normally reserved for museums and auction houses.
Some people use their pain as an opportunity to curl up in the fetal position; others use it as a chance to create art.

So now you have a great suggestion for any of your friends who want to cover up their stretch marks, like your friend who had a baby or your other friend who got addicted to creatine and bulked up way too fast. There's a process called scarification, where body artists can cut a design into your skin and the scar itself is the tattoo.

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