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Lord Vincent Godfrey and his associates, Lord Walden and Baron Ashbury were traitors in life and death. The Lords of Shadowfang expertly combine potions, magic, and guns to overwhelm their foes, and once killed don't stay down for long.
When killed, the Lords of Shadowfang resurrect in three seconds if their corpses are not destroyed. Godfrey aims carefully and fires, doing 102 (+4% per level)A damage and reducing the effectiveness of healing by 15% for five seconds. Ashbury chokes an enemy for .5 seconds, stunning them and dealing 83 (+4% per level)A damage. Walden throws a potion, dealing 52 (+4% per level)A damage and applies a stack of coagulant. Baron Ashbury heals himself, Lord Godfrey, and Lord Walden instantly for 20% of their maximum health.
For 5 seconds Godfrey fires two shots a second in the target direction, dealing 25 (+4% per level) damage per hit. Upon activation you can select Godfrey, Ashbury, or Walden (Clicking or using 1,2,3 keys.) and teleport them to another area within their zone of movement.
When a Lord is killed, he resurrects at 60% of his max health, and his abilities and basic attacks are no longer weakened.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to go with The Lords of Shadowfang.A They're hard to gun down, and in the middle of a team fight you may have to deal with them twice.
Visually and vocally Godfrey is the leader of the group, like he is in game, with Ashbury and Walden both being more cronies in the artistic manner. The three of them have a very high skill cap, but would be extremely powerful in the right hands. Gilnean Nobles (Default)- Godfrey, Ashbury, and Walden enjoyed their lives of luxury, caring not for Gilneas' lower class struggles. Tint 2- Appear as Death Knights, with white hair, pale skin, and glowing eyes of different colors.
Lords of Shadowfang (Master)- (Human forms, but with their undead clothing.) When a nobleman turns to shadow magics and alchemy, one must look the part. The Comedy Trio- A Godfrey (Horn rimmed glasses, cigarette, mustache), Ashbury (Curly red hair), and Walden (Funny hat) never really wanted to watch the world burn. Cursed Bullets: Mortal WoundA and Pistol BarrageA now deal 30 (+4% per level) damage over 3 seconds.
Don't cross the streams!: If two or more abilities hit the same target in three or less seconds, they explode, dealing 52 (+4% per level) damage in addition to their initial damage. Three Man Band: After using an ability, Godfrey, Ashbury, and WaldenA all move 20% faster for 5 seconds.

Death's Hunters: Teleporting with No Escape from DeathA spawns a Bloodthirsty Ghoul at the landing spot. Weakening the Curse: Every 90 seconds a Lord can resurrect instantly at 75% health, and his abilities are 150% as powerful as normal for 15 seconds. Before taking Shadowfang Keep as their own, they betrayed Sylvanas Windrunner and Genn Greymane. When one resurrects, they become weaker, undead versions of themselves with 25% of their total health. Each lord fulfills a role within the group, but with customizable ability sets leading to unique gameplay. However, that doesn't make them any less dangerous, with Ashbury's ability to sustain the group or stun, and Walden's weakening effects. Knowing how perilous their situation was, the three fled and wound up in the Nexus, where they continue to plan their way to power. When one of the heroes returns to 100% health, he can return to the Hall of Storms and become a human again.

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