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When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator. I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent. There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith in God should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.
We may stumble and fall but shall rise again; it should be enough if we did not run away from the battle. Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest. A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world.
I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals.
Every formula of every religion has in this age of reason, to submit to the acid test of reason and universal assent. I claim that human mind or human society is not divided into watertight compartments called social, political and religious. Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy? The moment there is suspicion about a person's motives, everything he does becomes tainted.
A religion that takes no account of practical affairs and does not help to solve them is no religion. As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves. The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.

It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honoured by the humiliation of their fellow beings. I reject any religious doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality. Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness. You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind. Man can never be a woman's equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her. I will far rather see the race of man extinct than that we should become less than beasts by making the noblest of God's creation, woman, the object of our lust. Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.
I would heartily welcome the union of East and West provided it is not based on brute force. It is any day better to stand erect with a broken and bandaged head then to crawl on one's belly, in order to be able to save one's head. It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.
Let us all be brave enough to die the death of a martyr, but let no one lust for martyrdom. Let not the 12 million Negroes be ashamed of the fact that they are the grandchildren of slaves. It is my own firm belief that the strength of the soul grows in proportion as you subdue the flesh. Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit. A principle is the expression of perfection, and as imperfect beings like us cannot practise perfection, we devise every moment limits of its compromise in practice. If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.
Morality which depends upon the helplessness of a man or woman has not much to recommend it.
Purity of personal life is the one indispensable condition for building up a sound education.

All the religions of the world, while they may differ in other respects, unitedly proclaim that nothing lives in this world but Truth.
There is an orderliness in the universe, there is an unalterable law governing everything and every being that exists or lives.
Measures must always in a progressive society be held superior to men, who are after all imperfect instruments, working for their fulfilment.
My religion teaches me that whenever there is distress which one cannot remove, one must fast and pray.
I wear the national dress because it is the most natural and the most becoming for an Indian. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India. Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Hd is a wonderful HD wallpaper for your desktop and it is available in wide resolutions. This file title Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Hd image size is 172 kB, and resolution 1600x1143 scaled to 1600x1143.
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Human nature is so constituted that if we take absolutely no notice of anger or abuse, the person indulging in it will soon weary of it and stop. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.
But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. I own, however, that I have humility enough in me to confess my errors and to retrace my steps. The gentle figure of Christ, so full of forgiveness that he taught his followers not to retaliate when abused or struck, but to turn the other cheek - I thought it was a beautiful example of the perfect man. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment. Here you will find some nice wallpapers about Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Hd for your current display resolution .
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