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Arms and ammunition mark the world of gangsters so their body art too reflects their lifestyle. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hispanic Tattoos, Outlaw Tattoos, Gang Tattoos and Prison Tattoos. Check out this seasoned gangster’s upper body covered with intricate patterns and skull motifs.
This tattoo showing a man handling a heavy gun is just right for the upper arm of a gangster. Dressed to shoot, says this remarkable piece of body art showing a man with his mouth covered with a red scarf and dressed in a top hat. This elaborate single color tattoo of a man holding a pair of pistols is ideal for a gangster’s forearm. A mass of ferocious faces, a skull, and a clock show off the violent intent of this gangster.
His arm covered with a tattoo of a vintage car and casino slots this gangster shows off his love for everything vintage. A pack of cards and the face of a skull showcase the death and fortune theme on the upper arm of this gangster.
Inked in green, bright blue and touches of red this colorful tattoo highlights the masked murder theme. Delicately inked with shades and touches of peach this is a cool retro theme gangster tattoo design.
Styled in hard angular lines this skull shaped tattoo with the mouth open and cool goggles is a fantastic gangster tattoo. This powerful tattoo showing a huge dog holding two guns is a perfect piece of sleeve art for a gangster. A tattoo showing a featureless face holding two guns highlights the violent lifestyle of a gangster. This gangster gets playful with an arm tattoo showing a skull clad in an official suit surrounded by roses. Strong shades of green mark the face of this skull tattoo with its head covered with a violent red bandana. The popular cartoon character Hobbes holds a guns in this colorful comic theme gangster tattoo. The huge white spaces, distorted lines, and black eye hollows really add to the evil look of this skull tattoo.
This is a patterned tattoo in pale blue and red with a six pointed star holding a deep meaning.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Buddhist Tattoos, Octopus Tattoo, Bird Cage Tattoos and Small Flower Tattoos. The two sexy angels sitting on the back of the guy are a tribute to his ex-girlfriends who are still friends with him. Exuding serenity and beauty, this back tattoo has a superb spiritual touch that soothes the eyes and soul. This tattoo represents the wearer and his brothers who have rebelled against the law for justice.
The lyrics and shield tattoo engraved on the chest of the guy looks macho and inspires the wearer to be bold and honest. Classic back tattoo exhibiting a gypsy caravan symbolizes the adventurous nature of the guy who loves to travel. The man has got his chin, neck and chest tattooed with three different designs that make an appealing style statement.
This tattoo shows a dragon and a tiger in combat mood that is symbolic of the latent tussle between China and India.

Have a look at the great shading present in this angel tattoo that the guy got in loving memory of his beloved. Engraved with black ink, this tattoo has a tribal and tough touch that looks very appealing. The dark floral design tattoo adorning the head and neck of the guy oozes a secretive and sad appeal. Colorful lower back tattoo showing a brave warrior guy who is like the alter ego of the wearer. This guy is a big fan of Japanese comics and the tattoo on his sleeve is a mark of admiration and love.
This tattoo crazy guy has got his sleeves and back decorated with various images and designs for a vivacious and eye-catching display. An angry skull wearing a cowboy hat is an embodiment of the feisty and freedom loving spirit resting inside the guy. The bald mechanical engineer guy sports a colorful machine tattoo on his head that looks very charming.
Laughing skulls, dark roses, vines and web create a mysterious and fearsome tattoo piece on the chest of the guy. This guy is interested in black magic and the tattoo on his arm exudes a similar dark mysterious touch. Symbol of watchfulness and vigilance, the rooster tattoo looks very classic and makes a proud style statement. This guy sports a large picturesque tattoo that exhibits the dragon, waves, cherry blossom flowers, Kanji letters and other Japanese culture elements.
The geeky guy sports a fabulous tattoo on the right side of his chest that conveys his way of life and attitude. Peculiar black and white tattoo, gracing the back of the guy, exudes a deadly and secretive look. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Half sleeved tattoos look amazingly attractive and it is no longer the tattoo of choice for rockers or bikers only. Half sleeve tattoos are one of those types of body arts that can make you turn heads and look very stylish. Fantasy-inspired piece that includes a beautiful angel wearing a feather on her hair, sitting with bird, owl and flowers. The above designs should give you an idea of what looks good when it comes to getting a half sleeve tattoo. These sleeve tattoos are one such body art, which can make you look eye-catching and ultra-stylish. The traditional five pointed star is another one of those designs which seems to have been with us forever.
On the other hand, it’s easy to remove black ink tattoos because the dark color is good at absorbing the light energy from the laser. Gangster Tattoos are used not only as style statements but also as marks of belonging to a particular gang. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. There are several reasons for this which we will be discussing below but the main reason is the fact that they can be covered up if needed but also look great at the right time as well.
Instead, a lot of different men out there from all walks of life are getting half sleeve tattoos.
If you have strong and muscular biceps, you should certainly consider getting a half sleeve tattoo. Therefore, this list probably helped you out quite a bit if you’re considering getting a tattoo.

If you want to get a tattoo design of special scripts, such Chinese characters or Sanskrit letters, it’s best to consult historians and linguists as they can tell you if a particular character or cipher has any double meanings. If you know someone very special who also has a tattoo, then you may want to get a matching tattoo. Just in case you have second thought about getting tattooed, it’s important to remember that the cost of removing a particular tattoo is influenced by several factors. There are several kinds of tattoo designs, and many of them are best used in certain parts of your body. Many gangsters get inked all over the front of their bodies while some choose to cover only the sleeve arm. Some gangsters choose to stick to a single color with many subtle shade variations adding to a realistic look. If you want a meaningful and attractive tattoo then you must go for a design that represents something about you and also looks charming. There are many different styles and patterns that you can choose from when it comes to getting a half sleeve tattoo. You can choose from a wide variety of designs including tribal tattoo designs, Japanese mythology inspired designs, koi fish, phoenix tattoo patterns, sea beasts, etc. And, like all seemingly universal designs, the star has always been full of deep, secret meanings.
Once you have confirmed the nature of the symbol or letter that you want to get, go ahead and get yourself inked. A matching tattoo may not always have an attractive or impressive design, but what matters is that it possesses a special meaning. If you already have a particular design in mind, consult your tattoo artist on which part of your body is the most appropriate area. This way, you’ll be able to experiment with different designs and different locations without having to worry about the consequences. The tattoo designs that gangsters choose the range from patterns with pistols and shootouts, to themes of death with skull faces. You can see the skull motif repeated in many interesting variations in many Gangster Tattoos.
On the other hand, if looks are the only element that matter to you then you can go for any bold and impressive kind of design. However, you have to be very careful about choosing the design that is right for you, because half sleeve tattoos are pretty big and they will be with you for the rest of your life. There may be problems with the design you chose and your artist will help you get around those problems.
Whether mystical and magical, or filled with patriotic significance (the stars on Old Glory, you know), stars are the perfect medium for expressing our fondest hopes and dreams, as well as our proudest real world accomplishments. This is also true with multicolored tattoos because they require varying wavelengths of light energy to remove each type of pigment. Those who are just fascinated by the display of the art form look out for designs and images that create classic tattoos for guys.
So why not get yourself a star design tattoo today and let it be your talisman to guide you toward the stratosphere of success! From colorful to single colored, bizarre to interesting, the body art that gangsters choose for themselves play with many themes.

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