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On Thursday night, RiRi posted a series of photos of herself posing in her Halloween costume which happened to be the same exact costume Karrueche rocked earlier this week … a chola. The singer sported a pair of baggy pants, Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts, a crop top, flannel shirt, and to add a little something different to the look, the star painted her face to look like a zombie. The 25-year-old topped the look off with a neck tattoo and a tear drop tat under her right eye.
On Sunday, Ocotber 27, Karrueche also posted a number of images of herself wearing the same look.
Columbus Short finally has some receipts to prove he was NEVER married to Karrine Steffans. I know many of you are probably wondering why I drew Tweety the way I did, and I know that he is a boy.
The shapes and guidelines that you need to draw are going to be essential when making this gangster version of Mario.

Now as you can see you will begin sketching out the shape of Mario's head, shoulders, and arms.
You are already on your last drawing step and with it you will draw out the "M" on his hat and then draw out his sneakers like you see here. Chris Brown’s girlfriend rocked a pair of khaki pants, a pair of The Kill boxers, a flannel shirt, and a pair of hoop earrings. Rihanna looks like she is throwing Shade at Karrueche Tran, that she can style it better or she’s either saying Karrueche Tran is Dead!!! I just wanted to create a side if Tweety that wasn’t seen before or has but never addressed. You will then draw in some of his hair that is poking through the sides of his hat, and then draw the rolled cigarette. Draw out and color in the eyebrows, and then add some detailing inside of the ears like so.

Connect the two shapes with a small neck line, and then draw one more line coming form the torso which will be connected to the pelvic shape.
A lot of gangsters like rolling their own cigs because they can control the flavor and strength of their own smokes. I figured since Mario is such an important figure, and since he is such a well-recognized character, it would only be right to do a lesson on the harder side of Mario. Mario is always seen as a friendly spirit who is always doing something for other people and friends.
The instructions are going to be simple to follow which means getting a drawing done on a gangster version of Mario is going to be a cinch.

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