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MelAus PartnersTHE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO SWEDISH MOVIE TRILOGYTattoo the girl with love for foreign, indie .
It was helpful, said Rapace, that Scott appeared embarrassed by the request, and kept telling Rapace that this was a studio request, not his own.
Noomi spent a few weeks gearing up for the day of filming, connecting to the character of Elizabeth Shaw, a woman with strong religious beliefs that fuel her life's work as an anthropologist.
The marketing executives at Fox liked her audition so much -- it involves her pitching her scientific mission to the private Weyland Corp. In Noomi Rapace’s screen test for the lead role in “Prometheus,” the actress had to portray a young scientist trying to persuade a giant corporation to invest billions of dollars to take her on a journey to another planet in hopes of unraveling the origins and meaning of human life.
Rapace will star in the English-language movie with Ola Rapace, to whom she was married for seven years. Since she was cast in the Salander role several months ago, Mara has faced criticism (perhaps inevitable, given the affection for Rapace) about whether she could walk in the actress' footsteps.

Rapace herself famously went to similar lengths to play Salander, cutting off her hair, buffing up and getting seven body piercings. The actress says she has not been asked by the filmmaker or Mara for advice on how to approach Salander.
The story, which involves a space mission investigating the origins of human life going predictably awry, has met with mixed reviews, but critics agree that Scott's film is visually stunning and that Michael Fassbender delivers a scene-stealing performance. 20, but the film received two Golden Globe nominations Thursday -- one for its score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and one for its star, Rooney Mara, who plays the computer hacker Lisbeth Salander originally brought to the screen by actress Noomi Rapace in the Swedish movie version of the bestselling thriller.
In this case, she was actually tested on a set being built for the film -- a process that never seems to happen in today's risk-averse movie landscape. Still, her English was shaky and her first studio film, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” was not set to hit theaters for another year, so she was still largely unfamiliar to mainstream American audiences.
I had totally forgotten that was even happening, because I’ve been travelling for three days.

It’s been reported that Mara, who has been in production on the remake in Sweden since September, recently pierced her nipples and dyed her hair to get into character. I thought why not, because by saying oh, how extraordinary, it automatically makes me sound a bit mysogynistic, doesn't it? Casting her as the lead character Elizabeth Shaw alongside Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron in a big-budget potential summer blockbuster wasn’t a slam-dunk.Except to Scott, who was smitten with the actress from the first time he met her and worked closely with her on mastering the test. And if she decided to really go tough, she probably wouldn't even need to change her outfit. She’s a powerful character and she has a real inner strength, but she also has a vulnerability.

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