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The Scorpio tattoo ideas presented here are quite striking and vibrant, thus enabling the wearer to stand out in a crowd.
Sagittarius Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, on your lower back, on your back, behind your ear, on your chest, on your forearm, on your finger, on your neck, etc. Ruled by the planet Pluto, the lord of underworld according to classical Greek and Roman mythology, this sign is associated with the dark aspects of life such as taboos and sins. Some people also get related tattoos with a sagittarius tattoo, such as: capricorn, horse, kanji, libra, leo, snake, scorpion, etc.

However, the sign is also associated with exploration of the deepest parts of one’s psyche, and the ability to overcome all odds and fly high like an eagle. From what I can tell, most sagittarius tattoos are done by people who are sagittarius, but also by people who are interested in the meanings of this tattoo. People associate the sagittarius with many other tattoos, but in my opinion this are the most important. You should know by know that this tattoo is represented by a centaur – this is a legendary creature with legs from a horse, yet the rest of the body in a human form.

Some of the most popular Scorpio tattoo designs include the letter M with a raised sting, the constellation scorpion, and of course, the stinging insect scorpion. These tattoos can be sported in a number of styles that vary in their color composition, size and structure, thus providing enough ways to experiment with one’s looks.

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