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Web Site Design, Graphic Design, and Email Marketing ServicesWe cater to the small to medium sized business!
Reseda City Council - Reseda, CaliforniaGraphic Design - Reseda, CA - Event Materials and Poster Design, BannersReseda City Council was having thei 100th year celebration of Art and Music and called upon us to design their main theme, posters, postcards, flyers,newspaper ads and everthing they used for advertising.  Like this project? Installation view, Graphic Design: Now in Production, September 30, 2012-January 6, 2013, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. The exhibition is organized around seven themes: Posters, Magazines, Books, Information Design, Branding, Typography, and Film and Television Titles.
Posters The poster is the most iconic form of graphic design, with its roots in the early advertising culture of the 19th century. Magazines With the rapid growth of digital formats, publishers are rethinking the traditional magazine by exploiting the explosion of niche audiences and new digital formats, print-on-demand, and online distribution networks. Books The role of the designer in the publishing process during the past 20 years has dramatically shifted to be more inclusive in terms of authoring, editing, and self-publishing. Information Design Information designers serve as storytellers, journalists, and translators, seeking to organize data in understandable, engaging, and memorable ways. Branding More than just a logo, a brand also consists of a larger visual and verbal identity as well as the perceived values that both define and set apart an organization, community or even an individual. Typography Typography is the creation of letterforms and other characters that give visual form to the spoken and written word.
Film and Television Titles Film and television titles are mini narratives that give viewers insight into what is to come and what has already happened.
Catalogue An extensively illustrated, 240-page catalogue produced by the Walker Art Center accompanies the exhibition.
Sarah Illenberger, information graphics for The Truth about Sex, published in Neon magazine, 2008. Graphic design has broadened its reach dramatically over the past decade, expanding from a specialized profession to a widely deployed tool, Today graphic design is the largest of the design professions in the U.S.
Posters The poster is the most iconic of graphic design formats and persists today despite the advent of mass media advertising and anti-posting ordinances. Magazines The publishing industry has changed dramatically with the rise of digital formats such as websites, blogs, mobile apps, and tabloid computing. Books The last two decades have seen the growth of design-conscious book publishers who have either catered subject matter to designers or chosen design-driven formats for their books. Information Space New software provides tools to visualize the increasingly prevalent amount of data available to people worldwide.
Branding and Identity The 20th century witnessed the rise of comprehensive design programs that sought to unify, personify, and identify the public face of organizations.

Typography and Typefaces Typography is the creation of letterforms and other characters that five visual form to the written word. Storefront Today's designers are increasing entrepreneurial, designing merchandise and conceiving goods for sale themselves. Screening Room A special screening room within the exhibition space will focus on the field of motion graphics, which span the gamus — from pormotional videos and broadcast graphics to television bumpers and interstitials in addition to longer form film and television title treatments. Exhibition Curators Lead curators of Graphic Design: Now in Production are Andrew Blauvelt and Ellen Lupton. Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, operators of the blog Brand New, which tracks the ever-changing world of brand makeovers and corporate identity programs. Objectives and Process: Create a brand that plays off the antiquated language of the company's name and also incorporate the client's French Bulldog that inspired the product.
Additional Resources: View more food packaging samples from my product package design portfolio at my Beats Digging Ditches Design Blog. The Hammer is the third stop in a national tour of the exhibition, which debuted at Walker Art Center in fall 2011 and was most recently presented by Cooper-Hewitt on Governors Island. Designers use color, typography, images, symbols and systems to make the surfaces around us come alive with meaning.
Today, designers create posters to actively investigate the genre itself through self-initiated projects. This section was curated by Jeremy Leslie, creative director of the blog magCulture, which explores issues and trends in publication design. Designers approach branding as a narrative-driven experience, evoking an emotional response and solidifying the relationship between a company and consumers. The personal computer revolution of the 1980s introduced typography to the general public and the availability of font design software in the 1990s fueled a renaissance in typeface design. Conceived as a visual compendium, the catalogue features project details, artists’ statements, and excerpts from interviews and published manifestos.
Today, some of the most vital poster designs eschew conventional client messages in favor of more idiosyncratic approaches, Experimental approaches to the poster encourage user-generated messages and explore digital, mechanical, and handmade technologies and techniques.
Today's open digital culture has challenged traditional definitions of authorship, production, and distribution, blurring the lines between design, writing, editing, and publishing.
Designers' roles within the book production process have expanded to include authoring editorial and self-publishing as access to the means of producing and distributing books has expanded. Information design helps shape our understanding of data by organizing it visually in easily understandable, engaging, and memorable ways. Today's renaissance in the design of typefaces is fueled by the relative ease of use and ubiquity of font design software and renewed attention to importance and impact of a centuries-old craft.

Today, title graphs are mini narratives that give viewers insight into what is to come and what has happened. Original scholarly essays by leading desingers and writers explore the exhibition's themes of the production and distribution of graphic design. Just launching your first product?Check out my resources page to find the best custom package printing, shortrun package prototyping, flavor formulation and beverage development, co-packers and private labelers, and nutritional analysis FDA compliance companies for your next project. The lead curators of Graphic Design: Now in Production are Andrew Blauvelt, curator of architecture and design at Walker Art Center, and Ellen Lupton, senior curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt. Today the field is shifting and expanding in unprecedented ways, as new technologies and social movements are changing the way people make and consume media.
Experimental approaches to the poster encourage user-generated messages and explore digital, mechanical, and handmade techniques. This section was curated by Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio, operators of the blog Brand New, which tracks the ever-changing world of brand makeovers and corporate identity programs.
This section looks at the fate and future of design-driving publications, including agazines, journals, books, newspapers, and newly minted formats for e-book readers and the iPad.
Information design touches all aspects of our lives, from roadway maps and instruction manuals to the navigations and interaction design for computers and software.
No longer an obscure specialty, typography today involves the creation of custom lettering for products and publications, the design of multilingual typefaces for a global public, and the revival of historic typefaces for contemporary use. The catalogue is produced by Walker Art Center's award-winning in-house publications studio.
Lupton is curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York. The Hammer’s presentation is organized by Brooke Hodge, director, exhibition management and publications.
Public awareness of graphic design has grown enormously during the past two decades through the revolutions in desktop computing and networked communication, which have also fueled tremendous growth in the profession. Also on view are experimental identities for cultural institutions, created by such influential designers as Stefan Sagmeister, Graphic Thought Facility, Mevis & Van Deursen, and Maureen Mooren. Blauvelt and Lupton are not only celebrated graphic designers but also internationally recognized for their writings on and exhibitons about graphic design.

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