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The War or Crime has been a money generating business since the early stages of our society. We seek to foster the imaginative and inventive creative community in and around New York City as well as the world over. Super hero accessories can be pretty expensive and replacing web fluid and BatarangsĀ can really add up. Abrams and Bad Robot Are Back When the original Cloverfield was announced I was pretty excited.

Below is a look at what some of our fantasy heroes do to get a fast buck during there down time. We always appreciate all of your comments, questions, suggestions and support.If you would like to interact, network and collaborate with other creative professionals, make sure to sign up on our mailing list. But in the imaginative world of supernaturally empowered champions of the people, comic characters have a cost of living concern just like the rest of us. Below are a series of infographics outlining the basic financial requirements of your average super hero.

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