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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A graphic designer creates visual concepts by use of computer software or by hand to communicate a variety of ideas that inform, captivate or inspire the consumers. A graphic designer basically organizes a variety of materials into an informative and eye-catching package. A graphic designer can work in various fields including web design, advertising, logo design, product development and print design (newspapers or magazines) among others. In order to be an effective graphic designer, it is important for you to learn the basics through a schooling system and in the process build your portfolio. It might be good to know what kind of environment they best design in… It is not just a passing curiosity to know how a designer thrives best. Yes, you need to get technical with a prospective designer, to know the perimeters of their skills. Proud SponsorBrand Design is a Proud Sponsor of The Doula Services Network - Giving Nature A Hand. Proud SponsorBrand Design is a Proud Sponsor of Get Mfg.The new and simple way inventors are finding Manufacturers.
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As a result, they heavily impact on our lives as their work is largely found in all the fields that we encounter in our daily lives.
So to make your life a tad bit easier we came up with a list of must do’s before you hire for your next big project. From the first online (or offline) portfolio to the last portfolio you sift through, ask yourself: Which one blew you out of your socks?
What made them catch your eye, hold your breath, and call in the rest of your team to see what you see. Check and balance your initial awe of pretty pictures with sound design process practicalities.
Even if you have departments who this work is delegated to, a designer must know how to communicate with them to get their designs to the next stage. A fashion design portfolio should include fabric swatches or facsimiles to bolster the design ideas and make the designs as tangible as possible. A design portfolio should indicate the designer’s knowledge of how the designs are constructed. A fashion designer may be excellent at illustration, but a good illustration is not designing.
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Krish India Design is an India based graphic design agency and catalogue design and printing company. Customary reason suggests keeping to one market niche, per portfolio if a designer has market share (pun intended) in several. Actually, anything that supports the intrinsic understanding of a designer’s design serves the idea best. The ‘je ne sais pas’ factor aside, it is important that they know what is intended in their own work, and be able to convey and express it clearly, to all others that will promote its production.
Does each pretty image, also inform as being an element of the process of design, or is it random, and without thread. The idea is to get it out of the portfolio, off the drawing board and on its merry way to the customer. That is to say, they should be able to apply all their talents and skills to whatever you may challenge them with. As long as the majority of examples of their designs are supported with aspects of the design process, then the occasional stand-alone idea is acceptable.

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