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To download word art (without watermark), click here, then right click on the image and choose “Save Picture As . What a great view, hope people can adhere to the motto and be gracious, and become blessed. This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 2 approved comments. Word Art InformationIf you want to share any of my word-art files, please share the link to the blog post the word art is on. What do you think of when you hear the word “Appreciation”?   Some words that come to mind for me are gratitude, recognition, acknowledgment, thanks, praise and love.    And how do you feel when you’re acknowledged and appreciated?  Fabulous, right? Well let me ask you this ~ on a scale of 0-10, how would you rate yourself in regards to your appreciation of others?    I’d venture to say that we ALL could use some improvement here, be it a little or a lot.  We’re busy, worried that it will sound cheesy, that it will be uncomfortable, or perhaps we’re just too critically focused on what’s not working that we forget the simple power of appreciation. And the biggest reason of all is that we don’t do it for ourselves!  When was the last time you acknowledged yourself for how magnificent you are? I enjoyed his content so much, that I walked out of there with his 2 books, Be Yourself – Everyone Else is Already Taken and Focus on the Good Stuff, as well as his CD The Power of Appreciation, which is what inspired this post today.
It’s about using the power of appreciation to empower and inspire the people all around us, as well as using it on our selves, so we truly recognize what makes us unique and great.  Because it has to start with ourselves!  This is the key ingredient to true success and fulfillment! Well for starters, we have to expect it!  This one goes for ourselves and others!  As Werner Erhard said, “In every human being there is both garbage and gold – it’s up to us to choose what we pay attention to.” Because after all, whatever we look for is what we usually find! Are you looking for people to be extraordinary, successful and great?  Or are you expecting people to be rude, dislike you and not fulfill on their promises?  It’s yet another choice that you can make consciously or unconsciously, just remember that your success and fulfillment is what’s on the line! It’s important to be specific in your appreciations.  Instead of telling someone “you’re wonderful!”, try, “When you did this ______, the impact it had on me was _________.”  This simple tweak makes the world of difference! Make a list of the significant people in your life and list next to each person what you respect, admire and appreciate about them. The sky’s the limit, just make it authentic and real and amazing things will come from this!
Make a list as long as possible of the things you appreciate about yourself and the things you are proud of (qualities, talents, successes).
2.  How big did you play?  Did you truly acknowledge your greatness or did your gremlins get in the way?
I make my annual vision boards, but having a file like this on hand, of the things that are not just your dreams and visions but are you actual wonderful reality is such a fantastic idea.

Fourth, ask others for the acknowledgment you want!  Talk about cutting to the chase!  No more feeling bad when your spouse doesn’t recognize your new haircut, outfit or the pounds you’ve shed….celebrate yourself and let them know you how fabulous you feel and they will surely celebrate you as well! If you’ve enjoyed this post, be sure to share it on the various social sites with your friends and followers.  And be sure to check out Mike Robbins, you will be glad you did! To sit back and look at those people around us and appreciate their contribution enables us to enjoy our lives. Lets appreciate what we have, who we share it with and enjoy the great blessings life has to offer us.
Let’s take a look at some appreciation quotes that can be used for various types of recognition. PopularRecentHow to Recognize Your Administrative Professionals on April 27th While management might be the head honchos in your office, it is the administrative professionals who make a lot happen. Two or three weeks back, a friend and neighbour brought over a deck of cards with a beautiful horse picture on the back of each card. Since that day, I have been thinking a lot more than usual about the things I am grateful for. As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend, you may want to reflect upon what you are grateful for in your life. We, Essentia, are all about Next Level Sleep and we also make the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world. If you use my word art on your blog or website, please credit me and link to the original blog post. Now go do this….acknowledge them within the next 48 hours!  Especially those that feel like a stretch!
Put things inside such as cards, letters, quotes, pictures….anything that makes you feel fantastic and reminds you of your greatness!
My little boy once said to me: the grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s just as hard to cut! These feelings or emotions that you utilize when you appreciate someone will attract more positive things and more positive people into your life. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. You can show your appreciation of your staff in a number of ways that don’t cost anything at all.

Some of these sayings can be spoken or written to your employee while others are just inspirational messages about gratitude and appreciation. PaperDirect has an extensive selection of various certificates that you can order online, but we also have certificate templates that allow you to create your own. There are many—my family, my friends and co-workers at Essentia, my pets, the roof over my head, the food I eat, peace, living things, good health, the beauty around me, the work and writing I do, the books I read, the music I listen to, my education, conversations of all kinds with customers and others throughout the day, and the amazing experience of being alive. As you reflect, you may find the Gratitude Quotes (below) a catalyst for your own thoughts and feelings. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. (John F. You're welcome to share any of my word-art images on sites like Facebook, but use the image with the URL. If we practiced appreciation as much as we habitually do other things we would be so much happier! When we know truly understand how to appreciate ourselves of course we should know how to appreciate others. Everyone wants to be appreciated and keeping your feeling of appreciation to others is definitely bad.
As others have already said, what you consciously observe in life brings the same back to you. For instance, appreciation quotes posted on their desk or in the break area are a great inspirational, motivational tool that will let your employees know you value their work and provide incentive to keep doing a great job.
Whether you need just one certificate of appreciation or a hundred, PaperDirect has the tools you need to design and print certificates with appreciation quotes.
Whipping your employees into improved physical shape doesn’t have to involve a whip at all. Having an attitude of gratitude is a good practice that I try to do every morning, as soon as I get out of bed and before a short meditation session.

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