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Zapraszamy do obejrzenia krA?tkiego wywiadu dla eska.tv - zrealizowanego przy okazji wrA™czania nominacji dla Libera i Sylwii na EMA 2009.
2007-2009, CS CLEAN SYSTEMS® AG CLEANSORB, CS CLEAN SYSTEMS and the logo are registered trademarks. As toolkit, XashXT v0.6 contains its' own source codes, detailed documentation, some modding tools and FDG-file for mapping in any compatible world editor. To try XashXT as mod, you should have Half-Life properly installed under Xash3D engine, because the mod is using some of Half-Life resources to run, it's not a kinda stand-alone game. On the one part it's a Half-Life based technical mod, which demonstrates a lot of new potential capabilities of Xash3D engine and offers some even more extended features. But only demo_1 map can be started via New Game menu, to try other maps you should run them via console, just open a "maps" folder before and check the maps' names.
To install XashXT, unpack the contents of downloaded archive in the main Xash3D directory and run Xash.exe then.

On the other part it's an open source toolkit for those developers, who want to create Gold Source based mods or games using some of new advanced features, which are supported only by Xash3D engine.
XashXT v0.6 has now a built-in support of the NVidia PhysX engine to simulate a realistic rigid body physics for different objects on a map (btw, it's an optional feature and must be set by map's creator). A wiA™c prawda jest taka: Sylwia Grzeszczak nie prowadzi na dzieA„ dzisiejszy A?adnego osobistego konta na Facebook'u. You can also try to play Half-Life under XashXT with some of new features, provided by the mod (like blood decals on models, a new flashlight, weapons' bobbing etc.).
You should have any version of PhysX engine installed on your PC to get all corresponding effects properly working. Just type "map" command in the console with a name of preferred map (map c0a0, for example). Or you can also downoad required libraries from the "Downloads" section and install them only for XashXT.

In fact, XashXT is totally compatible with Half-Life storyline, so you can play whole the game.
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