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This number, and the unspoken claim behind it (because WattPad is aware that they’re trying to make people think that 700 million individual people have read this story, or else they would be presenting a more realistic statistic) struck me as so ridiculous, I had to do some puzzling to try and put this claim into perspective. To put it into even more perspective, 700 million individual readers would make up 25% of estimated internet users.
In our last recap, we left Tessa in Harry’s room with her passed out roommate, Steph The Horrible.
Because of the lack of contractions in their speech, all the characters come off as robotic.
As you know, Harry and Tessa are going to end up together, because this is a 50 Shades of Grey inspired One Direction RPF and Harry is being a huge jerk to our innocent, virginal heroine. There is no way a rude, disrespectful, tattooed jerk like harry could possibly enjoy those amazing books. It took me a second to realize that she was referring to the pouring eyes in the last line of the chapter, but when I did, this person became my hero.
Which is weird, because in the last chapter he had her backed up against a bookcase, talking about making out. Can I just say how excited I am that the author used “literally” the correct way?
Which I bring up because I did some research on this frat, and as it turns out, their main focus is fostering leadership qualities. The more likely explanation is that everyone is afraid of him and he bullied his way into the largest room. Steph is laying across one of the beds so I kick off my shoes and cover her with the blanket before locking the door and laying down on the other bed.
The next morning,  Tessa wakes up to the ongoing and super fascinating problem of how she’s going to get home, which has in no way brought the narrative to a total standstill. I would love to see Harry cleaning up all this trash, as the thought goes through y head I stifle a giggle.
During the drive back to the dorms Steph sings along to whatever metal song is playing through the speakers and Harry rolls all the windows down.
Yep, google confirms that After is becoming a movie, which surely means that the end is nigh. Sweeping all the cups off a counter with your arm is a good way to get their remaining contents everywhere.
Not only is that not how you write sentences with dialogue, it changes the subject to Harry when it’s Tessa talking. Part of me feels bad for Harry Styles and the rest of me likes to imagine that the members of 1D are out there right now, reading these and teasing him about it.
Perhaps Tessa has tunnel vision and therefore can only see ink smudges and not the actual tattoo. Having skimmed this trilogy, i can’t wait to you get to the signature lines stolen directly from 50 Shades. 2) The idea that this little sweetheart is being turned into a major asswipe really gets on my tits.
I actually did all my gen ed at community college and got my AA before transferring to a four-year for my BA. My comment was meant to be snotty, not about community college students or community colleges themselves, whose curricula can be every bit as good or better than some four-year universities, but about the author and her view of college life. The author doesn’t seem to be much into researching anything at all, including how to use a dictionary or a spell-checker.

So, some TV shows, movies and books that the author has happened to watch or read, none to carefully, and half listening to other people’s stories about their college experiences might be grist to her fantasy mill. That said, it is very disturbing that this sort of illiterate fantasy is in any way popular with anyone, let alone people who want to make a movie out of it. One Direction‘s Harry Styles and Justin Bieber both have hit songs, trend-setting mops of hair and extensive collections of body art! With more than 40 tats (and counting!), Harry’s latest addition shows a more romantic side to the singer. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Harry Styles may have recently admitted to regretting some of his previous tats - most specifically the padlock that looks like a handbag - but he's gone and got himself another.
I combined the estimated populations of countries in which I knew large numbers of people spoke English.
The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy is an international juggernaut, translated into over fifty languages, is still dominating our everyday lives with ever more outdated quips referencing its title and themes, and guess how many copies it’s sold? Harry backs her against the bookcase, calls her Theresa, smirks at her, then says Steph can’t stay in his room. After considering just going into a bedroom and laying down to sleep, Tessa goes upstairs to the bathroom to call Noah. My thoughts are all over the place as I fall asleep, images of swallows and green eyes flow through my dreams.
Tessa goes upstairs, wakes up Steph, and suggests they catch a bus, but Steph assures her that Harry will drive them. You probably want those windows down while they sweat out whatever toxins their livers can’t handle. Join us next week for three chapters in which Tessa and Steph walk to the door, open the door, and walk to their dorm room. James consistently described Ana as brave when Ana was doing absolutely nothing to warrant that description. So, just another reference to how many he has, not a reference to the dimwit heroine’s heretofore unmentioned X-ray vision. I thought the selling point of 1D (one of them anyway) is that they’re all a bunch of sweethearts.
So, with that very limited knowledge and based on the ONE song of theirs I have actually heard (which is quite sweet, actually), I don’t understand this story at all. The problem is that the author wants to write about co-ed dorms, fraternity parties, frat boys, drunk passed-out dorm room-mates, etc. I was just trying to be charitable, not very seriously, in case the author might have, at some point, taken a course at some community college, and also very probably dropped out. Recently, the two pop stars each added similar designs to their ever-growing collections of ink. The jury is still out on the meaning of this ink, although Bieber is usually pretty open about discussing his body art.
The 1D singer has an extensive collection of body art and now he's added a big rose to the side of his left arm. However, you can read about shitty jobs my Wednesday Blogging peeps Tess Grant, Kris Norris, Bronwyn Green, Gwendolyn Cease, and Jessica Jarman have toiled away at in the past.
These countries were selected through the very scientific process of being countries I remembered as having significant populations of first-language English speakers without having to actually look anything else up, and they are as follows: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

What better place than to awkwardly shoe-horn it in than right beside the unconscious body of your sleeping roommate?
I mean, imagine, Harry standing there with a garbage bag, picking up cups, having to clean things.
He’s got maybe a dozen tattoos scattered over his body, and none of them are very big or very solid, or very integrated artistically with any of the rest of them. I can’t remember if you mentioned if the boy himself was aware of this fan fiction, but I would be super creeped if someone was writing me into that character. I mean I don’t know, I just know a preteen who gushes every time they are mentioned, haha.
He has multiple tattoos that represent his family, including a rendering of his mother’s eye and a design on his rib cage that he got with his father. The band have tried to make it clear they're not encouraging their fans to do the same, but it seems their fandom wasn't listening. But even then, even with every estimated living human being in all those countries, the number falls a little over 300 million short. So only girls who make out with you can come into your room?” As the words leave my mouth his smile grows. I wanted him to tell me it will be okay, tomorrow is a new day, something besides being judgmental. I think I need to go become a hermit because I’ve just lost any and all faith I had in society.
So, she is indulging in a fantasy about something she never had, but for some reason wishes she had.
Somehow, this tactic is convincing enough that it attracted the interest of Hollywood, who apparently believe that 700 million clicks– some by repeat readers– on three stories with approximately one-hundred separate chapters per part is going to translate into some kind of globally dominating force equivalent to seven 50 Shades of Greys. He may seem like a jerk now, and he is a jerk, but beneath the topmost layer of jerk there is a flaking pie crust of manipulation that you will savor as it melts in your mouth and convinces you that he has a heart of, if not gold, at least a very convincing plated metal. But if you pull out all the extraneous crap that doesn’t add anything to the story, fix all of her obvious non-research issues and make the characters a little more consistent, somewhere in there is a good story.
The new ink comes while Harry Styles is enjoying a two-week break from touring in Los Angeles, and despite the fact that the heavily-tattooed pop star recently admitted that he regrets some of his ink. I want to offer to pay for one of his text books, because he looks like a guy who’s going places. One of which was you barging in and staring at him while he was boning some chick, apparently at the speed of light since he’s done already?
The ship tattoo has, and probably always will be, linked to Taylor, not just because she was at the tattoo parlor with Harry when he got it inked, but because a near-identical tattoo was spotted on the arm of a dude in one of the songstress’ music videos as well. Rumor has it, Harry regrets losing Taylor Swift and reportedly told her during a post-VMA dinner date that “he was mad to let her go.” It could be that the rose tattoo is a secret tribute to the one that got away. In fact, while Justin and Harry’s rose tattoos are slightly different in design, they are inked in almost the exact same location.
If anything is certain it’s that there will definitely be more Harry Styles tattoos in the future!

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