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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. What better way to express your fondness for Hawaiian culture than by donning Hawaiian flower tattoos?
The Anthurium– Among the top flower exports of Hawaii, the anthurium takes on a heart shape with vivid red hues.
The Hibiscus— This flower has several varieties, among which is the yellow-colored ma’o hau hele hibiscus.

The Birds of Paradise– This bloom, taken as a symbol for cheerfulness, mimics the shape of a bird in flight. It’s a delightful fact that these tattoos not only have an unmistakable beauty, they also carry deep meanings. This makes a fitting Hawaiian flower tattoos because of its vibrant colors, including pink, white, red, yellow, lavender, and green. If you’ve always wanted to print a floral design on your skin, you can never go wrong with Hawaiian blooms because they not only exude beauty, they also carry rich meanings and symbolisms.

Hawaiian women often tuck this blossom behind their ears to mark their search for a marriage partner.
If you want a Hawaiian flower tattoo that reflects your Big Island roots, then go for the red lehua.

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