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Product DescriptionMehron has just released this newly formulated Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic 'Ink'. More and more tattoo lovers ink hand tattoos on their fingers or on the back of hand to show their favorite symbols. You see most people think that Henna tattoos refer to the style of the design, but that’s not actually the case.
The Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic 'Ink' can be used for temporary Tattoos in the tradition of Henna Art or for crafting tattoos for performers in theater, television or film.
Of course, men will like the floral tattoo designs as well, but they will make a floral tattoo in a masculine way instead of making an elegant designs.

Though most Henna tattoos are done in a certain tribal style, the name actually refers to the ink that is used. The Art of Henna Body Art can be traced back to the Bronze Age and has become tradition in celebrations, parties and festivals in various cultures throughout the world. Now, the Leading Makeup Company, Mehron, has produced a Professional Henna-Style Cosmetic Tattoo 'Ink' for your costume party and celebratory needs. Henna is a plant, or actually a shrub if you want to be specific, that is indigenous to parts of Australia and Africa. Henna-Style Tattoo Cosmetic 'Ink' can also be used for Body Painting and Face Painting.Questions?

Most of these tattoos are done in brown ink rather then black because that’s the color of the Henna paste.

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