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Henna or the black Mehndi ink as it is often referred to, is a medium that is often used to create attractive tattoo designs, fingernail art and body art.
The henna tattoo designs presented above are sure to give you an excellent makeover for any special occasion.
In many cultures henna tattoos are used to celebrate special occasions and rites of passage through life. After you choose a tattoo design that you like, the tattoo artist then applies the paste to your skin.
Before getting a henna tattoo ask the artist what color the tattoo will be, how long you need to leave on the paste and what ingredients they use in their paste. Henna tattoos generally last from 3-40 days depending on skin type and body location of the tattoo.
A thin paste made of grounded fresh henna leaves or henna powder is made to create some of the finest temporary tattoo designs. All over the world people use henna to celebrate pregnancy, manhood, marriage, holidays and even death.

If the artist says the tattoo will be black, that they will remove the paste right away or refuses to tell you the ingredients, those are all warning signs that they are using dangerous "black Henna". Henna leaves a reddish-brown stain only after the paste has been left on the skin from 4-8 hours. It is a good idea to apply a thin layer of cocoa butter or olive oil to help the stain darken and last longer. One of the funnest aspects of henna tattoos is that you can change your tattoo designs often.
Henna tattoos are widely popular in various Asian and African countries where it is an important part of the local culture. The powder is then made into a paste that when applied to the skin, produces a beautiful reddish-brown stain. The black hair dye used to make this paste can cause severe allergic reactions and permanent scarring.
All legitimate artists have a card or aftercare instructions that list all of the ingredients they use in their paste.

Henna stains gradually fade over the course of 3-14 days as the top layers of skin are ex-foliated and shed.
These tattoos are also a great way to try on a tattoo design to see how you like it before you get it permanently tattooed on your body.
Mehndi designs done in India are an example of henna tattoos, and one can have them on hands, feet, shoulder, inner wrist and the lower back areas. The bridal tattoos done for Indian weddings are some of the most beautifully intricate tattoos around. As the skin is exposed to air over the next 24 hours the stain will darken to a beautiful reddish-brown.
The color of henna is comparatively much darker than traditional tattoo ink and so it looks great on the fair skin tones.

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