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The hibiscus flower tattoo is sensual and alluring, with massive trumpet-shaped petals and bold, enticing colors. In terms of symbolism, the hibiscus tattoo is usually meant to denote delicate, exceptional beauty. You must handle a hibiscus with care; if you are a delicate person, the hibiscus flower tattoo might be a good design for you. If you'd like to commemorate an especially wonderful vacation, for instance, a small hibiscus flower tattoo might be in order.
They not only attract those beautiful creatures, but they add an element of loveliness to absolutely any yard.
The hibiscus flower tattoo is popular from an aerial view so that you can see the flower fully open.

Adding birds, butterflies, lace, or stars to the hibiscus flower tattoo can make the tattoo even more magnificent than if it is on its own. Have you ever seen those Hawaiian-designed car seat covers with the huge flower blossoms on them?
Most of the time, though, people turn to the hibiscus purely for its beauty - and there's nothing wrong with that!
If you have one tattooed on your body, it will probably do the same thing for your appearance.
You could try to do a black back drop for a brightly colored and detailed flower, the black would really help the color pop. If you live in the appropriate climate and love watching butterflies, the hibiscus and butterfly tattoo might be the right flower design for you.

You can choose a traditionally colored hibiscus flower tattoo, or select any color variation you want. They can be done on a small or a large canvas depending on the amount of detail that you would like in the tattoo. The stem is almost always green but the flower ranges between pinks, purples, yellows, reds and blues. They are perfect for someone who is wanting a one of a kind piece that is amazingly easy on the eyes.

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