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After thrilling viewers with spectacular high-risk moves on consecutive episodes of Raw recently, Jeff Hardy has become the talk of the wrestling world.
Receiving the biggest push of his career, Hardy faces WWE champion Randy Orton for the title Sunday at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.
What was going through your mind right before you did the Swanton off the scaffold and the Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage?
When you know that you’re going to be doing a big high-risk move like that, do you practice it before the show? You mentioned earlier that you have never suffered a serious injury doing one of these big bumps, which is pretty amazing. By raising the bar with the death-defying moves the past few weeks, are you worried about people constantly expecting you to top yourself?
After all your years in the business, are you surprised at all to be in this spot – headlining a pay-per-view? Not really, man, because I know more than anything that I have a really cool connection with the fans.
From a professional standpoint, can you describe what the past couple months have been like for you? Earlier, you referred to your promos maturing, and you do seem more comfortable on the mic.
It was kind of a nerve-wracking experience, man, because I knew I had to go out there and go a long while with Triple H.
A feud between you and your brother, Matt, has been teased in the past in WWE, but they never went all the way with it. Just out of curiosity, if that were to happen, do you see yourself as the face or the heel in that feud? Oh, it would be a dream come true, and it would complete my collection of titles – I would have held every title in the company.
Man Jeff if you don't win that title this weekend we'll have to wait 'til No Way Out or worse WrestleMania 24!! He and his brother, Matt, have made me more and more wanting to join RAW and become a RAW Superstar.
Wrestling Forum : WWE, TNA, Indy Wrestling, Lucha Underground, Women of Wrestling Forums - Why did Cena vs.
When Meat Loaf came out, I thought Flavor Flav must have been busted by the po-po and Meat was the guest host. ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Raw: HBK To Crossbow Lesnar On Sunday, WWE Asks Paul Bearer's Ashes To Sell Mania, Punk & Triple H's Post-Mania Plans, Cash Cow Cena = Bieber?

ABSURDITY OF IT ALL - Raw & TNA: Using The Recently-Dead For Storylines, Bully Ray King Of Da World, Swagger To Be Sold To N.
Once you commit to doing such a thing, you have to follow through with it, so there’s not much time to think. There was talk about me even practicing the deal at WrestleMania [last year, when he did a legdrop off a ladder onto Edge, who was lying on a ladder outside the ring], but I just like to do it in front of the crowd and I’m a one-taker when it comes to stuff like that. I’ve worked him in the past, but this was a totally different scenario because I’m out there with him for like 20-25 minutes.
Matt’s had his V-1 time and his little heel moment, but it seems like there’s a lot of people out there that think I might not even get away with being a heel, but down the road I think that’s definitely something that could possibly happen and be really good. At first I didn't know if you had a chance but once you beat HHH, and jumped off the 30 foot scaffolding onto Randy and whisper in the wind off the cage onto Umaga, I've got high, high hopes for you. Then, Vickie Guerrero was hired as GM, but, well, she resigned at the end of the night, so who knows what's in store. And he's taking his time building up the suspense for the stipulation announcement for Cena vs.
Being a top guy, there’s a lot of pressure and stress that comes with being in situations like this.
Just having the responsibility of walking around with that title would really scream to me, “Man, you’ve done it. It was funny to me when Batista took a slight push from Henry and nearly turned it into a double backflip. When you know you’re really going to do something nuts, that’s when you really have time to worry about, “Man, what if I break a leg?
I know I’ve got herniated discs in my neck and my back, which isn’t extremely serious – they could lead to being serious. I think I’ve lived up to their expectations, and, hopefully, I’ll continue to do that, with my promos maturing as well and just me getting in more of that comfort zone to be able to go out there and talk on the mic and be confident in it.
Once that match was over, I was extremely happy it was over because I was a little creeped out going into that match.
Fellow Hall of Famer Ric Flair wrestles on live television on Impact, and nothing comes out of it really, other than a few quarts of Flair's blood lost. I think that’s really paid off for me in the long run – being down to earth and just really cool with each and every fan that I meet, and they’ve really supported me through thick and thin. I think more than anything it’s real important for me just to still be myself and not let any stressful mentality get to me.

Remembering certain things that you have to get across is always tough, but it feels like it’s maturing really naturally for me, and I do feel confident that the more I do it, the better I’ll get. Vince, I imagine), it's going to be tricky in goading fans to cheer Orton when he terrorizes Vickie. I have more faith in WWE not to squander a Bret Hart wrestling match - hopefully it adds to Miz's push - as long as it doesn't resemble Bret vs. Oh, my God.” I’ve usually been real confident in trusting in my instinct to do things like that. I can’t wrestle a match without getting my ankles taped because they feel like they’ll shatter on me. Stepping up to the plate as far as being 100 percent committed to wrestling, too, has really showed my maturity to the company. Now, more than anything what’s brought my passion back is just knowing that I can be where I am now, and knowing that before I came back and now being here. I’ll eventually one day find that comfort zone for me to just be able to go out there and talk forever and explain whatever description I need to get across.
A lot of times I feel like anything can be a lot better once you review your tapes, but it was good for what it was worth.
It's a bad idea if next week Vickie wears an "Orton whistle" around her neck "to whistle for help if Orton corners her." Yeah, that will go over well. It kind of got to where we were raising the bar so high it was like, “How are we going to continue to top the last match we put on?” But now that things have slowed down a little bit, I think it’s a lot easier to top yourself when you stretch things out. Being in one of the main events at the Royal Rumble – you know, this is something I’m good at so why not take advantage of that while I can and do it until I can’t. Geez, no wonder you have a bad fan reputation greeting people with steel chairs shots to the back. I was feeling the "Hell in the Cell" announcement vibe, but Cena announces an "I Quit" match instead. That Swanton was probably one of the biggest ones I’ve ever done, and I was able to – not walk away from it – but I’m walking today, so I was fortunate.
They’ve put me in a spot that’s one of the biggest I’ve ever been in, and I’m just trying to roll with it.

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