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A water hose is a cylinder, and since the volume of a cylinder is pi*r^2*height, we can calculate the volume of the water hose by finding the radius and height. Assumed that 150mm is the diameter of the PVC pipe, then radius is 75mm and the length is 1 meter or 1000mm. We're asking readers to share how much they spent on a given item, project, or upgrade in the kitchen.
Cambria was an editor for both Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn for eight years, from 2008 through 2016. An auscultation and percussion set from Russia in a leather case with a stethoscope, percussion hammer and pleximeter, circa 1870.
Traube's pleximeter made of ivory, marked with a scale and with silver hinges that bend up to allow the physician to hold the pleximeter in place on the patient, circa 1850.

Choose 'File' then 'Save As' then look down to the 'Format' box in the center of your pop-up box that shows you how you currently have the entry saved, and look to the right where there are arrows pointing in opposite directions.
Choose 'Format' then 'Paragraph', then go down to 'Line Spacing' box and look to the right where there are arrows pointing in opposite directions. 24-25 lines per page, with the exception of the last page of a chapter or the first page of each chapter.
If using a Mac and created the entry in 'Pages', Go to 'File', choose 'Export', then choose 'Word' (picture #1 to right), then 'Next'.
At the top left-hand side of your computer screen choose 'Insert', then select 'Page Numbers'. Hold down your left button on your mouse and drag it across the text you want to highlight.

We hope this information proves helpful to anyone needing to get a basic sense of how much that something costs. When she gets there she learns that her son, who she gave up for adoption, is attending the school. Aluminum oxide is extracted from bauxite and then turned into pure aluminum through electrolyzation with cryonite, a process whereby aluminum is reduced in a solution of ions with an electric current.

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