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If you want an exciting career that never goes out of style and pays well, you have come to the right place at the Master Tattoo Institute.
WHEN LUCAS AND HIS WIFE LINDA opened El Templo Tattoos in Torremolinos in 1989, it was one of the first legal and licensed tattoo studios in Spain at the time. After travelling around Europe, tattooing for their living expenses, Lucas (whose uncle Pancho was a tattoo artist in Belgium from 1965 to 1978) and Linda worked in Spain for a Dutch tattooist, Gipsy and Lady, before deciding to settle down and take over the studio they had started up with Prem a year before. Since then they have gained a solid reputation throughout Andalucia, and their studio has become a true temple of tattoo art – with its own museum (El Templo Tattoos). Lucas still travels regularly to international conventions in Germany, England, Belgium and the US, visiting long-time friends in the business, exchanging ideas and new trends, and fine-tuning their already high level of professionalism.
Here Linda answers some common questions about an art form that has, in recent decades, moved from urban outlaw culture (“skin graffiti”) deep into the mainstream of society –even to the point of becoming a high fashion statement. Always look out for the opening licence, which has to say “tattoos” and not “beauty salon” or something else. Simple explanation: tattoos involve entering ink or colour pigments into the second layer of the skin. No, it will hurt more and, depending on what illness you have, it is never a good idea – though there are, of course, exceptions. It has been very popular for youngsters to be rebellious – on the neck, wrist, hands – but not very smart if you are still at school. I am getting the feeling that, at last, the old style is coming back: bold lines, lots of colour.
Yes, just cover the tattoo with some kitchen-roll paper or paper serviette and keep it moist the first few days.
A second example: I taught one man, he taught his girlfriend, and they separated because of jealousy that one was a better tattoo artist than the other. The worst tattoo is easier to explain: someone who could not stand a few seconds of tattooing, and cried over each line I did. Ten 6 Tattoo and Body Piercing, artist owned and operated,  provides quality tattooing in Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas. Contact Ten 6 Tattoo and Body Piercing today at 319-366-2311, or browse the website for more information about tattoo artists or body piercing. We need more talented women artists in the industry with big hearts and creative minds, just like her.
We are the ultimate source if you are interested to learn to become a body artist, in-depth tattooing classes, body piercing, or even tattooing apprenticeships are available.
We are the most respected tattoo school in the world, and our comprehensive program of coursework and hands on training will exceed your expectations and all industry standards. It’s bad when a client asks me if he or she can laser it off, before even getting the tattoo! They must have a special licence from the town hall health department and a certificate for the person who is making the tattoos.
The tattooist must have at least five years experience as well as have been tattooing in more then just one place.

This is done by hand or generally with a tattoo machine by using different types of needle combinations to penetrate the skin and enter the lines, shade and then the colours. The skeleton of the Iceman that was found in Alpen, in Austria on the Italian border, had tattoos all over his body. If they are 16, and you know they will do it anyway, depending on their mentality it is sometimes best to agree to take them to a proper place. After two months of asking for stupid tattoos, she came up with a proper, well thought-through tattoo. You can give a general explanation but I still have to provide each customer with variations on the advice.
Anybody can pay for a 40-hour course, required by the town hall: about 20 hours of info on tattoos and 20 hours on hygiene. There are only tattoos that you really enjoy doing when the drawing is nice, and the client behaves and can handle some pain – then any tattoo will be special. It took three times longer than necessary, and then he walked away in the middle of the tattoo and got charged the full amount.
Multiple programs are available at Master Tattoo Institute, and materials are included with each program. Also, every tattoo studio must have a waiting room separated from the work spot for each working tattooist. As a woman I was not accepted at all in the main tattooing countries – the UK, Holland, Germany and Denmark. It just depends on when, where, the kind of skin, the time of year, big or small tattoo, colour… The main thing is never let the tattoo come out in scabs, which is what happens during the first two days if people do not use the right type or quantity of ointment. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to design a unique tattoo that’s all yours. When you come to us, you will learn how to be a body artist using approved practices that will prepare you to be licensed and certified upon course completion. Our professional instructors will give you the best instruction possible to inspire each student to love and respect the culture of art, tradition, family, and tattoo history as well. Go alone or just with one friend to get your tattoo so you can decide and are not pushed into something you do not want. More important, there must be a sterilising room with an autoclave, ultrasonic bath, sealing machine for the needles… The customer can ask to see the autoclave and they also have to sign a form where they are informed about all the aftercare, the address of the tattooist, any questions, etc. You need at least two years learning with a professional and five years experience in practice. The other possibility is operative surgery, to cut out the skin and have a skin draft, but this leaves bad, ugly marks. The truth is that you need a tattooing market area of about 100 square miles (250 square kilometres) to be able to make a proper income. It all ended up that, from my know-how, about 10 tattoo studios were set up and they became one of the biggest suppliers and I did not earn a dime! We take your input very seriously since your tattoo will become a permanent piece of artwork on your body.

Unfortunately, tattoos have become a fashion and many youngsters are getting tattooed in the worst spots on the body.
In Europe, as well as later in the US and Australia, tattoos were banned for many years by the Christians, the same as they burned books. In other countries, like Spain, where there has never been a tattoo history, it was very easy as a woman to start tattooing.
After about five days the skin does not need to be kept moist anymore (there is a risk of infection if kept moist for too long). A properly trained tattoo artist knows each type of skin and feels how deep he or she has to go without damaging the skin.
For young people it is important that your first tattoo not be in a visible place on the body, so that it does not affect your future income when you find a job. Therefore it takes time to learn and, just because a person can draw on paper, does not mean at all that they can become a tattoo artist. So don’t be shy, bring us your design, idea or photo, and we’ll help design your one-of-a-kind tattoo! Tattooists generally start out tattooing on themselves before touching other people, just out of respect. It has been of concern to proper tattooists for some years now, and older tattooists are not so quickly prepared to teach youngsters any more.
It took me five years working after school, then later after work, to slave around in a tattoo shop, where I would repair tattoo machines, adjust them, clean needles, tubes and the work spot, drawing, soldering needles and sterilising. The tattoo was at last finished, and he paid again then said very calmly, “I’d like to make an appointment for a far bigger arm tribal tattoo. These concerns are all because of the “new starting up tattooists” telling people nonsense.
We have to do it in various sessions so I can handle it.” I told him it would better to forget about getting any tattoos, and sent him away. Nobody dares have a tattoo in the summer now, when in Spain it is often better at the beginning of your holiday than after when the skin is burned red and could be scarred by tattooing it. Just one out of all of them kept their word and their respect for the skin and the customer – respect for the profession. It is best to talk to the tattooist before waiting until the last day of the holiday when they will have to send you away without anything being done.
They draw on the skin and after less then six months half the tattoo has disappeared or the colours are not well penetrated into the skin, and the customer gets to hear a lot of nonsense or the baloney that their skin did not accept ink.

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