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The beautiful colors and delicious scent of a fresh flower arrangementadd an alluring element to a home. To make fresh flower arrangements, all you really need is a glass vase or basket to put your flowers in. If you’re looking for a beautiful, modern centerpiece that is easy on the wallet and is can be done yourself these submerged flower centerpieces  are for you!
If you are using fresh flowers now might be a good time to give them a fresh cut (at an angle) under running water to keep them fresher longer!
DIY Project: Super Easy, SO Beautiful Glitter Ornaments – Great for Favors and Decor!
July 25, 2008 by Jamie Jamison Adams 1 Comment How do fresh flowers by the stem and a square vase make a great birthday gift? Every year Neal gives me flowers for my birthday but there is always some kind of twist to the arrangement. I was just out viewing blogs and came across yours.Thanks for such a nice gift idea to share with,I also love those flowers.Keep on posting!
Be creative in choosing your container; colorful coffee cans or juice pitchers make unique containers. Fresh obviously won’t last forever so they are best put together  the night before to ensure they stay fresh for the big day.
If you have another pretty vase you think would work well that your flowers would fit into..use it!
If you are using fake flowers make sure you test them first to make sure the colors will not bleed once under water. You may choose to submerge the flower completely or just half way..Both can look very pretty!
Well for me is it incorporates everything I love: geometric shapes, flowers and the personal efforts of my husband. One year he had our florist create a flower arrangement in a beautiful vase that had a bright abstract pattern. So Neal popped into our local florist and picked up the roses and came home to work his magic.
Then this homemade Valentine’s day gift idea will help you to create the most romantic flower arranegemnt – a heart of roses and strawberries! Various kinds of containers can be used for the arrangement such as a clear vase with colored stones added in the bottom, a decorative coffee can, baskets or a pretty pitcher. To ensure the flowers are the right size for the container, hold each flower up to the outside of the container before cutting. They look so elegant and contemporary plus you don’t need a ton of flowers to make a big impact. Silk will never die BUT water works as a natural magnifier so if the silk flowers have frays, loose threads and flaws they will be more obvious once submerged in water. Just make sure the water is distilled water if you do not want the little bubbles to form on your flowers.
Some people recommend seeing if you can bring the weighted flowers, stones and distilled water to the venue the night before and set it up to avoid transportation issues. Baker's Twine is perfect for customizing DIY Invitations, Favors, Decorations, Centerpieces and more! The vase still sits on my kitchen buffet reminding me of that birthday every time I look at it. We can always count on our local florist to provide us with fresh flowers that we can take home.

Otherwise make sure they are secure in your vehicle and not completely full of water (enough to allow the flower to drink). Another time my birthday arrangement arrived with a crystal wine stopper uniquely placed among the flowers and foliage.
He had actually done this a week before when it was our turn at church to provide the alter flowers. That’s the great thing about local florists, they have fresh flowers all of the time. They create a flower memory that includes the wonder of flowers in a uniqueness container and the knowledge that someone really loves you.
If needed, a piece of floral foam can be used in the bottom of the container to hold the flowers more secure. Also, when using fake flowers test them underwater first before putting them into the centerpiece. Most florists will let you buy them by the stem or they will create an arrangement for you to take home or to be delivered.
Let the leaves overlap and secure with pins.Now we must prepare the other part of our foam heart for the strawberries. So I waited all day for the florist to deliver my birthday flowers but at 5pm I still was flowerless. It contains Casablanca lilies, Balloon flower blooms and Baptisia foliage all from our garden.
I assumed that Neal, after years of sending me flower arrangements for my birthday, had decided to give me something different. We want to inspire you, to give you great ideas and to challenge you to make crafty things.
Yet many shy away from fresh blooms, assuming that an eye-catching arrangement of flowers will take too much time and care to assemble.
If your space is traditional, go for an English garden-inspired arrangement in an antique urn. If modern is your game, there’s nothing like a contemporary vase holding flowers of the same shade. Throw in an air plant for an unexpected touch, and the possibilities are endless… Enjoy perusing the images below for a little design inspiration!Beautiful BloomsWe begin with a traditional floral arrangement using vibrant anemones, ranunculus and mini daffodils.
If fitting these cascading sprigs into a low container proves challenging, simply choose a taller receptacle. Don’t forget that having the flowers overflow asymmetrically keeps things interesting. In this next arrangement, the beloved blooms are a deep red, nicely complementing the purple lilac, parrot tulips and camelia.
Also of note is the dark urn that elevates this bouquet from pretty to elegant! [from Camille Styles] More InspirationEaster Floral Arrangements for a Stunning Celebration There’s nothing like orange as it pops against a green and purple backdrop! For a low yet full arrangement of dahlias, trachelium, seeded eucalyptus and berzelia berries, check out a handy tutorial at Wedding Chicks:Another favorite among florists and design lovers alike is the peony, which bursts with color and adds layers of petals to a blooming ensemble. Factor in the appeal of an arrangement that layers shades of violet and pink, and you have an irresistible bouquet!
For more details, check out Design Sponge.Our next featured arrangement has the charm of an English garden. To add some old-fashioned fun to your tabletop, check out the full tutorial at Project Wedding. Below we see a wild bouquet of hellebore, tied with a ribbon and placed in a lovely vintage tin with other assorted blooms.

For more details, visit Design Sponge.Don’t think you have to get fancy with your choice of container! The mint julep cup below is the perfect receptacle for blooms in shades of white, violet and green. Below we see white tulips with tweedia and muscari in a striking arrangement from Design Sponge:A simple glass vase can be dressed up with the help of ribbon and double-stick tape! Not to mention, tape can be used to make a grid across the opening of the vase, which helps keep the blooms in place. For a DIY hydrangea centerpiece tutorial using these exact techniques, check out For the Love of.Unexpected TouchesAre you in a flower arranging rut?
While most people plant succulents in pots or the ground, these gardening favorites make a lovely addition to a centerpiece, especially a green one! The arrangement below features wild succulents, unripe blueberry branches, scabiosa buds and pods, fiddleheads, jasmine vines and pulsatilla, all in a low bowl. For more details, check out Design Sponge.If you thought succulents added a touch of the unexpected to a floral arrangement, try incorporating air plants, also known as tillandsia! Sometimes spiky, sometimes softer in appearance, these plants bring an other-worldly element to a centerpiece. For additional information, check out Apartment Therapy.Would you believe the spread below was actually created for a holiday party? Not only are there succulents, air plants and peonies, coral-like branches add another dimension to the centerpiece!
For more details, check out JL Designs.Repetition Is Good!While variety is appealing, sometimes featuring one color or specific flower type is the best way to make a big statement! The image below (from a previous Decoist post on dining table centerpieces) shows just how striking a bouquet of tulips can look in a round glass bowl. [from The Everyday Home] In another image from our previous post on dining table centerpiece ideas, flowers of the same color are strategically propped in a clear rectangular vase. Modern chic! [from The Byrd Collective via DIY Network]Another way to showcase multiples of the same flower type? The vase below is a DIY project from Apartment Therapy:Did you ever think that dandelions could be so elegant? In the painting below, we see the floral possibilities in a whimsical arrangement of dandelion seed heads. [from Love Your Place] Speaking of dandelion seed heads, don’t they look charming in a teacup? When displaying these delicate stalks, keep them out of reach of pets or kids whose activity could cause them to crumble!
Lime green reigns in the centerpiece below, which features an assortment of mums in various containers.
A full tutorial can be found at The Salty Pineapple.As you can see from the images above, there’s no one right way to create a flower arrangement! In fact, some of the most appealing centerpieces are spontaneous ones, crafted from a simple bunch of blooms and a container from your cabinet. Look around your house…perhaps a vintage compote or empty food tin can be the vase you’ve always wanted!
Don’t forget to check your yard and garden for flowers that can be combined with store-bought selections for a full bouquet.

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