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Y hablando de la noticia, los de marketing de movistar deberian salir de Moldor alguna vez y mirar el mercado. En el programa de puntos de Movistar se puede coger cualquier telefono SIN la tarifa de datos (ahora hasta el iPhone).
Unete a Androidsis gratis y recibe las ultimas noticias sobre Android en tu correo electronico. Taking the software enhancements from your flagship Android smartphone and injecting it into the runt of the range might throw up warning signs for some, but that's exactly what HTC have done with the Tattoo.
As we mentioned in our unboxing and initial hands-on article last week, the Tattoo hardware feels a lot like that of its entry-level Windows Phone counterpart, the HTC Touch2.
That connectivity is roughly on a par with HTC's more advanced Android devices, and leaves the Tattoo in no shortage of spec sheet prowess, at least. Still, the resistive panel is reasonably responsive to finger-touch, though requires a firmer press than we're used to. Android 1.6 brings with it a few notable changes, the most obvious of which is the universal search bar that can pull up results from all through the system.
In use, though, the Tattoo is reasonably speedy, with its Qualcomm MSM7225 528MHz chipset keeping things moving.

The Tattoo's 3.2-megapixel camera isn't its strongest feature, though like with the HTC Touch2 the absence of autofocus does significantly reduce delay between pressing to take a shot and the image being captured.
The HTC Tattoo, then, is serviceable but not especially exciting, lacking the sparkle or distinct design of the Hero.
While the first handful of Android devices were tasked with showing the platform's high-end potential, the HTC Tattoo - like the Huawei Pulse - now fleshes out the budget end of the market. The HTC Wildfire features HTC's typically fresh stylings, which include an optical trackpad for navigation. The Android powered HTC Tattoo was first launched as a network exclusive by Vodafone back in October and was more recently released as a SIM free phone, today this affordable HTC touch screen phone has been made available as a pay as you go handset further opening up the market to even more people.
The HTC Tattoo pay as you go phone will please the many consumers who are experiencing a poor credit record as there are no credit checks when buying a pay as you go phone, this latest HTC device offers a very unique personalisation service whereas the customer can actually design their own exterior casing or choose from a growing selection of pre-designed housings. The advent of the new HTC Tattoo on the pay as you go system also now means that you can buy this sleek Android phone as a present for others, handy with Christmas just around the corner! Pero sinceramente que te ofrezcan un movil bloqueado casi al mismo precio que vale libre no lo veo una buena opcion.
De hecho mi Dream es una que cogio mi hermano antes de cambiar de compania solo con puntos.

Donned the mini Hero, this feature fuelled handset has a lot to offer, whether you want to check in with your friends, catch up on the latest gossip or just pass the time. Super-fast upload speeds make video and photo sharing a breeze, while thousands of widgets and apps should keep you entertained, courtesy of the Android Marketplace. Every aspect of the phone can be personalised, even the covers can be custom made, making the phone itself just as unique as the Android OS inside. Movistar tampoco vende el Dream sin tarifa de datos y el tattoo cuando lo saquen para altas nuevas oporatabilidad seguro que va ligado a una tarifa de datos, Orange tampoco lo da sin tarifa de datos, son iguales de malos.
Yo estoy intentando hacer lo mismo con Vodafone por que estoy un poco harto y me quiero ir a una OMV pero no hay forma.

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