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More and more mothers and daughters are getting matching tattoos to express their individuality.
You can ink half of a butterfly on one (mother's) foot, and the other half on the daughter's.
Another way of playing with quotes is tattooing half part of the quote on the mother, while the other half on the girl.
This fish symbol represents Christianity and often includes a favorite scripture reference. Generally, the mother chooses an intricate heart shaped lock design, and the daughter chooses an antique key design. Use the mother daughter tattoo ideas located above to find a tattoo that speaks to the soul. A bond between two females of two different generations, one of whom has given birth to the other and raised her in the best possible manner, and been with her through thick and thin. Like getting matching bows, or matching flowers, or that little moon on the fingers signifying "I love you to the moon." You can simply tattoo each other's name followed by a heart.

When done with a matching pair, this tattoo symbolizes the mutual connection and their dependence on each other.
Mom and daughter can tattoo the same quote, or simply a few loving words would do the work for you!
In the mother's handwriting, the daughter can get a tattoo that says, "Love always, Mom." The mother can get one in her daughter's handwriting that reads, "Love always, Maria." Lovely!
Apart from the design that you decide to get inked, the placement of the tattoo is very important for enhancing its look.
Choose this tattoo in remembrance of a deceased loved one or support for a loved one who is currently fighting this disease. This design is a simple outline and is one of the most inexpensive, yet tasteful tattoo designs currently available.Mother daughter tattoo ideas can stem from intricate designs to simple phrases.
Finally, when choosing a tattoo, try to incorporate something into the design scheme, such as a favorite color or quote, to make it unique. Buzzle presents a few cute and matching mother-daughter tattoo design ideas for you to choose from.

A quote about the importance of a mother and daughter’s relationship, a family crest or a quote about love is a perfect way to express uniqueness.
This tattoo can be expensive due to the elaborate design and coloring; however, it is also the most beautiful. What better reason can you need to get inked than to always be reminded of the mother or daughter you adore. It may be a case that you find the one that you were looking for in this article, and the one that depicts your relationship with your mom (or daughter). No matter what is chosen, the tattoo should be carefully thought through and agreed upon by both mother and daughter.
There are a variety of designs that can be made with doves, so they can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

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