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The everlasting flower is a member of the compositae family, which is most commonly linked with the asteraceae family of flowers. The art of flower preservation goes as far back as our earliest recorded history, and has become a popular hobby in modern times.
The everlasting flower makes a great gift for those who love the delicacy of flowers and wants to keep their beauty alive for as long as possible.
Manic Street Preachers Reveal Awful Euro 2016 Song With Even Worse VideoChrist alive, who let this get approved? From the 2530s (its construction years) to 2555, the Everlasting has been the pride of the UNSC fleet.
After the Battle of Omega VII, the Jiralhanae and UNSC had discovered yet another Halo ring in galaxy, Installation 01. When the Battlegroup finally arrived to Halo, they saw Jiralhanae warships stationed above the ring. Cabello had no choice but to initiate Protocol 117, the looting and destruction of any world, installation, or space that is occupied by overwhelming Flood forces. Some of the most frequently seen everlasting flowers are the daisy and sunflower, the strawflower and the gobe amaranthus.
In the Middle East the bones of prehistoric men were discovered alongside of a mantle of dried flowers. These flowers are also given to those who enjoy the dainty appearance of certain types of flowers like the rhodanthe or marigold, but would prefer something a little bit more low-maintenance. The Everlasting commonly plays the role of commanding and coordinating an entire Battlegroup or fleet of UNSC warships. Cabello collected together his Battlegroup and then he proposed a formation that was sure to put the Jiralhanae in a mix. Once the SuperHuman had evacuated all of the surviving UNSC soldiers on Halo, as well as the collection of technology they had, the Everlasting deploy its own NOVA Bomb. What makes the everlasting flower so special is that, as its name implies, these flowers can survive indefinitely when dried.
Later in history the Japanese art of flower pressing – or Oshibana – became a big hit in Victorian England.

Everlasting flowers also make great romantic gifts as, along with the symbolism of the flower itself, you can express the desire to forever keep your relationship strong and beautiful. It is most famous for single-handedly destroying a Covenant Assault Carrier during the Human-Covenant War. The bomb would be larger enough to destroy the entire Halo ring, the moon in its orbit, and the little remaining rubble from the Jiralhanae and UNSC warships.
Many of these flower types are bred specifically for the fact that they can be easily dried while still maintaining their general structure and color. Another unique advancement of this Cruiser is that its one of the first starships to be equipped with pinpoint Slipspace Drive. During the Battle of Installation 01, Cabello struggled to focus his attention on the minor issues of the fleet. These unknown contacts had tried to ignore the current battle in orbit; they were headed to Halo. The everlasting flower, as well as being used for its attractive appearance, has become very popular in alternative medicine, and even in ritualistic incantations.
The Everlasting has three Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, 2400 Archer Missiles, Several 50mm Point Defense Turrents, and over 150 Shiva Nuclear Missiles.
This starship has always been in the spotlight until the day came that another warship would prove even more popular and known.
When one of the Jiralhanae warships had attacked the new contacts, it was clear that these were none other than the Sangheili.
The AI was constantly trying to dig its way into the warships systems much like a Huragok would except this red bulb could talk and think more clearly. The helichrysum arenarium – which is a small, yellow or white flower that is better known as the immortelle – is sometimes used as an herbal infusion to treat gallbladder disorders and rheumatism, as well as easing stomach pains. The UNSC-H SuperHuman, a Halcyon-class Cruiser from OPERATION: Halcyon, is known for its amazing durability against the Covenant.
Other known warships in Battle Group Whiskey were the UNSC-H SuperHuman and the UNSC Frigate Forever. With the Jiralhanae backed into a ball, they wouldn't be able to fire without hurting one of their own.

The anaphalis flower – which is a member of the daisy family, and is more commonly called the pearly everlasting – is frequently used to promote longevity.
In the Fall of Doisac, the UNSC SuperHuman was separated from the fleet due to malfunctions with its Slipspace drives.
Seeing as the AI plays a little role in the Battle of Installation 01 and the Fall of Doisac, it is believed that the AI may simply be a Dumb AI (that is if the Cruiser has an AI at all). This tactic was just what Cabello needed to win or at least survive the battle long enough to claim a foothold on the surface. The only conclusion Julius could come up with was that someone in the UNSC was feeding them this info or the Sangheili had managed to steal the information on their own. This can be done in a number of ways, from drinking it in a tea, to leaving it in small bowls around the house. They hadn't come with many ships for war so it was clear that they didn't expect such an atrocity. It nearly had the SuperHuman in a knot but, Commander Peterson was able to outthink the Carrier and he managed to destroy the thing with a NOVA Bomb. Engineers and medical officers are also believed to make up a third of the Valiant Cruiser's crewmen. Commander Peterson of the SuperHuman had reported that the Sangheili, who had barely started glassing Halo, were responsible for this and they were all whiped out. The SuperHuman had only two years of fame when a new warship, putting all other to shame, joined the fleet. He had also told Cabello of the Forever that was downed on Halo and the Flood who were the cause of this. The UNSC Infinity was the largest warship in the UNSC and it had all the great Forerunner and Covenant advancements to it.

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