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Today, dreams featuring dolphins represent the dreamer’s relationship with the people and things around him. But perhaps what really makes dolphins appeal to humans is the majesty and intelligence they possess—their mystical ability to relate to our moods and feelings. All in all, dolphins are emblems of strength, dignity, freedom, playfulness, grace, and joy. Dolphin tattoo designs are also commonly used to represent a fresh start or a new beginning. This intangible connection makes dolphins reliable therapeutic agents for the handicap and other individuals suffering from depression. Immortalizing these great personalities on your skin is best done by brandishing dolphin tattoos. It is also one of the most popular tattoo choices and it is most commonly tattooed on women.
The develop friendships, which differ greatly from the relationships that they place themselves in. They commonly occur in our dreams, and many psychology literature attempts to figure out what the appearance of a dolphin in our dreams may mean. With the various design options and meanings underlying this tattoo, you are sure to find one that matches your taste and lifestyle.

As they believe that water refreshes a person from past troubles, dolphin tattoos symbolize rebirth—the passing of a former life to welcome a better one. Thus, dolphin tattoos often bear the inscription “some beach… somewhere” to represent the sense of freedom and lightheartedness these creatures exude. Dolphins are indeed good companions to have, and it comes as no surprise that many people choose pay tribute to these animals by immortalizing them in dolphin tattoos.
There are so many different species of dolphins, and so many different types of dolphin tattoos that the possibilities are literally endless. They are one of only a few animals that mate for the pleasure of it, and not just for the procreation effects. Someone who tattoos a dolphin on themselves may be proclaiming their new beginning, washing away the sins of their old life.
The tattoo representation of a dolphin in relation to dreams could mean the dreaming for a better life, or at least for a different life. Dolphins are known for being extremely smart creatures, and therefore can be used to symbolize wisdom. Dolphins are able to learn tricks at an alarming rate, and often dolphins will have their own personalities and traits that separate them from others.
These tattoos are often accompanied by a phrase or words that relate to the picture that they are trying to create.

For the Chinese, the image of a pair of dolphins represents the harmony underlying the yin-yang philosophy.
Because they are one of only a few animals that can learn from humans and at times, communicate with humans, they are often considered to be the connection between us and the sea. In addition, these sea creatures have often been associated with the image of Jesus Christ. They tend to have an advantage over other sea creatures that they share the waters with because they have a much better grasp of the world around them. Someone who tattoos a dolphin on them could be trying to represent their love for the animal kingdom.
There are many great reasons why dolphins are often connected with wisdom and being intellectual. For others, dolphins may represent the death of a previous life that they never wish to return to. Because dolphins are so smart, they are respected in many cultures and are known to be representative of trailblazing, or creating your own path.

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